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Welcome to our blog Digi Patrika. We welcome Guest Writers to submit guest posts on our site. We provide opportunities to writers to write for us in various genres; such as Technology, Crypto, Bitcoin, Home Improvement, Lifestyle and so on. We welcome every guest writer to submit guest blogs on various topics.

If you are thinking about what kind of topic is accepted so we would be happy to inform you that our blog is a multicategory blog and we accept different topics on all categories including Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Social Media, SEO, Gadgets, Computers, Hardware, Marketing, Lifestyle, Businesses, Startup story and so on.

What we expect from writers for guest posts?

We strictly do not allow to publish the copied, and AI generated content. Writers with good knowledge of any specific topics are most welcome. Only informative top notch content is accepted on our website. You can simply share your knowledge via. our blog to readers if you are not a master that’s not a point of worry.

If you are fresher in writing you are also welcome to write for us as a fresh blogger but make sure whatever you share it should touch the readers mind. So, feel free to reach to us to write a guest post for our readers.

Email: [email protected]

Guidelines to follow to submit guest posts on Digi Patrika-

As mentioned earlier we follow some guidelines for the content and don’t want to compromise with the quality of content. So, we expect every writer follow these guidelines before submitting any request. Let’s check the guide in detail:-

Niche – We accept content of all categories like you can find us by entering the query “Technology write for us” “SEO write for us” “Crypto write for us” “Tech write for us” etc,. But we do not allow the content from any adult category. We are maintaining our site standards and do not want to ruin it by publishing the content that it against Google guidelines.

Word Count – For word count there is no any specific guidelines. But make sure that you share informative and full content with readers. Half informative content will not work on our blog and will not help to engage readers. Mention everything in your blog related the topic you are going to cover. Right, complete information that can answer the query of all readers will rank faster on Google.

Original Content – There are many updates are coming related to content. Content is king, content is everything and Google penalize the website with duplicate content, AI generated content. So, make sure the content you will share it should be plagiarism free, not copied form any external website. If you are adding any stats or numbers make sure to add the source in content or website name. With original good quality content you can write for us without any doubt.

Content Structure – Do not write long paragraphs just to get a backlink. Follow a good content structure, do proper optimization, add bullet points, heading, subheadings to make it more engaging for the readers. Now, the question is it compulsory to write content in this format. So, the answer is YES. You have a follow a good content structure to share to write a guest post for Digi Patrika.

English Language – Our all the articles are in English language and we accept guest posts if it will be in English only. In some case we accept Hindi Content also. Use all the type of Generic, long tail keywords in content.

Google Guideline – Google is very strict for its guidelines and few content, words are against webmaster guidelines. So, make sure your content do not break any google rules and do not use such words that are against google guidelines.

Image – Copyright images will not work. If you are submitting or willing to write for us we would like to suggest you to follow image rule as well. Use the image that is copyright or share your own created image.

UGC content – Google give more value to user generated content. Do not use any AI tool to write your content or to rewrite the content of any other website. Do some research and write in your own words and make it more friendly for our readers.

Author Credit – You can share author bio as well to give credit to writers or can share your company bio. We will add this in the end of the article.

We check everything in detail as per our guidelines. If you have still any query or doubt contact us by

E-mail Id- [email protected]

What you will get by write for us? What is the advantages?

Submit guest post on any new website will benefit you with the referral traffic. We will share your post on Digi Patrika social media channels

Submit your content or guest post, to receive the benefit of quality backlink. You can get additional benefit if your content will be highlighted on the home page. Also, for faster indexing we will interlink your post on all pages.

Link: You can easily increase your SERP ranking if everything is good in your technical and on-page SEO after that by working on backlinks. If Google sees you are getting one or more backlink from same website your links will be count as natural and provide good authority.

Platforms for sharing content: Expect social media your post will be share on different sites such as bookmarking sites.

TAT: So, what will be the time to publish? Your article will go live within in 24 hours or will publish in within 2 to 5 hours.

First, your blog will be review if it will be follow all the guidelines then it will be go live immediately. If there will be any changes required, we will inform you to make changes.

Is Guest blogging still works in 2023?

Google is very strict with all the guidelines and releasing new update every month. No Follow backlinks, backlinks from spammy websites will not work and Guest posting, press release is the only to build natural backlinks.

Contribute guest post to get contextual links?

Contextual links more powerful links and shows the text related to your product or services with a hyperlink. By other off page techniques you can get image link, naked links but guest posting is the only way to build contextual links.u rank for more keywords.

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How quality backlinks of guest posts helps in boost your traffic?

Backlinks plays an important role in ranking and quality backlinks works like magic. By contributing to third part sites, or by write for us a guest post you will definitely get a backlink that will help to boost your site authority. Backlinks are the powerful signals for your site and work as a support system. There are many techniques of making backlinks but Google is becoming very strict to its guidelines and what works in Google’s eye is only the quality of links you are making.

Do-follow backlink by guest post passes a link juice to your website and can also help to boost your referral traffic. While no-follow backlink has no benefit at all. They don’t pass any link juice and spammy links can increase the spam score of your website.

What we will not accept here?

  • Any content material that is fully promoted is not accepted
  • Content with abusive words or adult content strictly not accepted
  • Content that is not original

Ready to submit?

You can search our blog and “write for us” on these categories:-

  • Business – Any news related to business, any business idea, any business story accepted on Digi Patrika. For business article search us by Business “write for us”, Write for us ” business” Business work “guest post”
  • Lifestyle :- Anything comes under lifestyle category like you are offering home services, movie reviews, finance tips. Search us by Home decor “write for us”, write for us “finance”, guest post “lifestyle”.
  • Home Improvement :- Any tips for home improvement, Home decor, home needs, will go under Home improvement category. Have something related to this then find us by “home needs” write for us, home improvement “write for us”, home decor tips write for us.
  • Finance :- If you are running a business or providing services of loan or anyone who want to share knowledge of stocks, funds, market, share your knowledge here. Search us by Finance “write for us”, Loan “write for us”.
  • Crypto :- Crypto the most booming industry and many businesses are coming in the market related to crypto, blockchain. If you have something related to crypto just write to us by crypto “write for us”, Blockchain “write for us”, crypto invest “write for us, Bitcoin “write for us, Bitcoin guest post, blockchain + guest post
  • Travel :- Have any travel story to share with audience, no worried we will spread information to the audience.
    Travel “write for us”, travel story “write for us”
  • Entertainment :- Any entertaining news you can share on our blog. Also, any general news, awareness news we will be happy to publish, Use search operators “write for us” Entertainment, Entertainment “write for us”, entertainment + guest post, entertainment + write for us.
  • Why to wait more? Just write your content and mail us to our mail id- [email protected]