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Why Shouldn’t You Try To Reinvent The SEO Wheel?

Famous search developer Martin Splitt has urged the website owners and SEO professionals not to reinvent the SEO wheel. He says reinventing the SEO wheel has always been frustrating and explained to the members of Search engine land how SEOs can avoid the problem of indexing and fixing JavaScript. He also explains why he and other members of his team hesitate to answer all our queries.

Google doesn’t answer all the queries

Splitt said that if we talk about everything on Google, then it would look entirely irrelevant. He further noted that Google is a huge company, and most employees working in Google have no clue what is going on inside the company.

He gave an example of a search engine ranking. He said that he doesn’t know anything about ranking. He also said that ranking is not his domain, and when people ask about search engine rankings, he has no clue, and he chooses to remain silent. He said that he is not obliged to say anything about ranking, but he prefers not to say. If Googlers keep commenting about topics, they don’t have much knowledge about, can cause a lot of confusion. And because of the complexity, the SEO professionals might start suggesting SEO techniques to marketers that won’t work. Those tactics would reduce the chances of a website getting a higher rank in SERPs.

Google has communication issues

Martin Splitt is a member of the GSR team. GSR team is the connection between the SEO community and the internal organization of the company. Handling communication in such situations is quite tricky.

Most team members are quite punctual and attentive; they inform the team before making any changes, but sometimes they forget to tell others when a random modification takes place.

Miscommunication occurs in Google now and then. Google has recently made a change in the description of My Business. These types of miscommunications make professionals realize that there should be more communication between SEOs and Google. If there would be more communication, then there would also be less miscommunication.

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JavaScript and Indexing mistakes that you can avoid

Martin Splitt further said that he gets worried about enthusiastic developers and SEOs who have gathered enough information about the technology. These developers opt for complicated solutions that can cause crawling errors. He said that he had seen many websites that are not linked appropriately. He has seen errors in link building, including both internal links and backlinks.

He says that link building is accessible; you need an HTML tag and add the URL address to build links. He says he can’t figure out why people are making this process complicated and are reinventing the wheel.

Many times these super complicated or over-engineered solutions do work, but they are also failing in many cases.

Don’t choose JavaScript method when there is an alternative

He says lack of experience is also responsible for most of the JavaScript errors. Most SEOs and web developers have no clue about robot.txt. The web developers say that they have no idea about it. They need to know that robot.txt means Google wouldn’t be able to see your content no matter how you set the JavaScript API of your site. Split also said that he has seen marketers breaking the website for the audience instead of Google.

He said the websites that use complicated techniques do work, but using five MB of JavaScript to create a list for products is pointless and one understand the SEO and Javascript both how it works. Google has urged every site owner that they should build their site for audience and internet users. They must not focus on building the site for search engines. He suggested that the audience would not like to stay at a website that gets a high rank in SERPs but takes time to load. The audience is looking for quick information, and they find slow loading websites annoying.

He also said that another thing that he sees is that people depend on JavaScript to do the simplest of things. They use JavaScript even in those places where they can do their work without using JavaScript. He urged the web developers not entirely to focus on JavaScript only. He said that everyone must focus on simple and proven techniques for web development instead of complicated technologies like JavaScript.


In simple words, Google team has said not to choose the steep path when there is an easy path. He has advised the web developers and builders not to utilize JavaScript to do their work when they can do their work using other more straightforward methods. Splitt said that when he sees the SEOs and builders applying sophisticated techniques to solve a simple issue, he gets worried. He has asked the SEO expert not to reinvent the SEO wheel. He also talks about the miscommunication in Google.

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