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Why lord Krishna Wears Peacock Feather?

In the Bhagwat Puran, Krishna is portrayed as a chubby little baby or young beautiful lad playing flute with kids and cattle gathered all around him, auras a warrior Prince along with Arjun in the Bhagavad Gita. In this article, we will cover lord Krishna peacock feather. Krishna was born on 8th or 21st July, 3228 BC, according to many astrological calculations. He was initially a member of the royal family of Mathura, as he was the son of Devaki and Vasudev. Her brother, Kansa, had imprisoned his own father and grabbed The throne for himself but was very fond of his sister Devaki. He had arranged her marriage with Vasudev with great pomp and show but on the day of her marriage, there emerged a celestial voice which announced that Devaki’s eighth son would put an end to the story of Kansa. Fearing The almighty, Kansa imprisoned Vasudev and Devaki right at the moment. Bhagwat Puran states that Devaki’s eighth pregnancy was not because of intercourse but was a blessing from Vasudev to Devaki in her womb. To save their baby’s life, Vasudev carried the baby to Gokul and placed him in the care of Nanda and Yashoda.

Lord Krishna – Symbol of Love

Lord Krishna can be spotted in various amazing traditional outfits and beautiful pieces of jewelry, but wearing a peacock feather remains same in the history. Lord Krishna is basically a Hindu deity and is worshipped all over the world by billions of people. Often seen dressed in a yellow dhoti, with a flute between his fingers, he is always seen with his constant partner, a peacock feather fixed in his hair. There are a number of stories related to this belief.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why Lord Krishna wears peacock feature:

1. The color of the peacock feather: 

The feather of a peacock, if you look upon it with an utter amount of attention, has all the seven basic colours of nature. It appears black during dusk. Lord Krishna too, was called as being dark-complexioned. And, it is a deep underlying message that all humans irrespective of their color, caste, or creed, are equivalent to god almighty.

2. He is the epitome of purity:

Lord Krishna is known to have 8 wives, but he did not share marital affiliations with any of them. Lord Krishna is known as an ‘askalitha brahmacharya’ that essentially means one who is always a brahmacharya despite of being married according to materialistic relations. Thus, Lord Krishna is the epitome of purity. Also, peacocks are considered pure birds as it is a mythological belief that peahens drink the tears of peacocks in order to conceive. Thus, Lord Krishna and the peacock signify purity and as a result, he always wears a peacock feather. 

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3. Dance – His Favourite Task:

According to a mythological tale, once lord Krishna decided to play flute deep inside the forest. It was so enchanting that innumerable peacocks gathered at the spot and started dancing with him. The peacocks danced and danced but eventually were exhausted, but lord Krishna kept dancing for days. Finally, when he stopped dancing, the peacocks offered him their feather as the highest gift of appreciation. He accepted their gift and since then, he always wears a peacock feather in his hair.

4. Krishna – The God of Rain:

It is a very known fact that peacocks are very fond of rain. The dark sky is their favorite and as Lord Krishna is known as being dark-complexioned, he reminds the peacocks of their favorite weather and this elates them with joy. Also, is beautiful music tones make them even happier and they offer their fathers as a token of gratitude to Lord Krishna. He accepts it with joy and since then wears it in his hair.

Bottom Line…

After reading this article you would be familiar with all the theories related to Lord Krishna and his peacock feather. Which theory do you think is the most reliable one? Let us know in the comment section. If you still have any doubts left you can contact us anytime and we will be back again with another article and answer of your question.


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