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Who is behind the Bigg Boss Voice?

Who has given big boss voice? This question hits many of us and many of us curious to know who is behind this voice. So, we will take you through the detail behind the big boss voice.

Let’s discuss in detail

Bigg Boss is an ultimately successful show which has a very huge fan base in India as well as overseas. It has successfully completed 14 seasons till date and is all set for its 15th season to start. But what intrigues Bigg Boss fans the most is the voice behind the ultimate authority big boss himself.

The big boss is an Indian reality show produced by Endemol Shine India and hosted by one of the famous actors Salman Khan. This show inspired by big Brother. This show involves locking down the celebrities in a house under CCTV cameras. The format of this show is reality-based where many famous personalities come together and live in a house to compete with each other in many tasks. This show gives a chance to the contestant to show their skills. This show because of its high demand and entertainment quotient has always the highest TRP rating.

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Who has Given Big Boss Voice?

Let us unveil this personality behind the convincing voice of big boss. The mysterious voice behind the big boss voice none other than Mr. Atul Kapoor, who has fans outside as well as inside the Bigg Boss house. Although he does not like making public appearances for indulging in public activities, he is well known in the industry for his mesmerizing as well as amazing voice. Born on 28 December 1966, he is an exclusive voice actor with English, Punjabi, and Hindi language proficiency.

Big Boss show comes every year with new concepts, new challenges, and tasks, and new successful ways of entertaining the audience but bigg boss voice always makes the audience dumbstruck. Housemates also love to hear big boss voice and we heard from many housemates that they will miss this voice.

The point to be noted here is actually not one there are two people behind the voice of Bigg Boss. Atul Kapoor and Vijay Vikram Singh simultaneously give their mysterious voice to the show. As you know that there are two different voices in the show namely one that says “ Boss chahte hai” and the other that says “15 July Raat ek baje” Atul Kapoor is the actual big boss of the show and Vijay Vikram Singh is the narrator of the show and both of the bis boss voices are equally important in the success of the show called Big Boss.

Let’s check the quick details about Mr. Atul Kapoor:

Atul Kapoor, has always preferred to stay away from media-related controversies. He has been a voice-over artist since 2002 and got this super opportunity of Big Boss in 2003, from Sony TV.  And he became more famous after his big boss voice debut. Whereas the narrator, Vijay Vikram Singh made his debut in the show in 2010 and was overjoyed when he got to know that now he will be giving his prestigious voice to one of the best successful TV shows in India, big boss.

According to Vijay Vikram Singh, it is the biggest high point in his voicing career. After the release of the family man last year, Vijay Vikram Singh has gained much more popularity in the public, which is indeed a wonderful feeling for him. He has done a number of other shows as well and about them, he posts regularly on social media accounts that have a large fan following as well.

Recognition and acceptance come with time and requires a lot of patience which is fruitful at the end and comes with utter happiness and satisfaction. Atul Kapoor is an amazing voice actor to talk about.  Apart from use the Bigg Boss fan following, he has also dubbed many foreign films into the Hindi language. He has also dubbed the characters of iron man, the Avengers, Captain America, Avengers infinity war, and lots more. Before his voice-over carrier kick-started, we also did some small roles and appeared in some television commercials too.

In The End…

The concluding remarks for this article would be that Vijay Vikram Singh and Atul Kapoor are two irreplaceable gems of the Bigg Boss house and one could never think of the show without them and their voice.  This article includes all the information about the man who is behind bigg boss voice. Whether we talk about new or old contestants all love to hear big boss voice. Thank you Big Boss for introducing us to such esteemed personalities one can never forget about.

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