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What is Wood Apple | Know Amazing Benefits of Wood Apple Juice

Wood apple, sounds familiar? It’s the yummy bael fruit we’ve been enjoying in the summers for ages! In this article, you will know all the necessary details about bael fruit, its benefits, and how you can prepare wood apple juice at home. Let’s get all the details.

What is Wood Apple?

Wood apple, also known as elephant apple or monkey fruit, is an interesting and delicious fruit for all age groups. They basically look like a potato, the only difference being a harder shell for its protection. The fruit has an amazing aroma which can attract people even from large distances. It is one of the most popular summer fruits, being no less than heaven itself. Being highly effective against all kinds of summer issues like sunstroke, protection against loo, and many more. It is a sacred fruit according to Hindu mythology. 

Wood apple in Hindi is called “bael”.

It is rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, and a whole lot of nutrients, which proves its efficiency for human health. The fruit will surely ignite your culinary curiosity at its peak. The raisin-like cream present inside, once you break open the fruit, it is so soft and creamy, that you get drowned into its flavor and essence. 

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How to Eat Wood Apple?

The flesh, or the outer covering of the fruit, can be eaten as it is. But, if you find the flesh sour, as in some cases, a few sweet ingredients such as jaggery, Honey, or sugar can be mixed for the betterment of the taste. In some parts of the world, the pulp of the fruit is mixed thoroughly with salt, sugar, and chili kiss to make a snack per for every occasion. It is a very popular recipe. Wood Apple is also popularly used in the making of various types of chutneys and jams.

What are the Amazing Benefits of  Wood Apple Juice:

All parts of the bael fruit – Root, Leaf, Trunk, fruit, and seeds are highly beneficial for humankind in treating various kinds of diseases. The plant is also medicinal in nature. Here are the following benefits.

1. Antibacterial nature:

Bael or Wood Apple fruit is antibacterial in nature which helps in improving the defense mechanism of the body. It helps in protecting the body against a wide range of bacteria and other harmful pathogens. It especially helps in the control of Cholera and diarrhea.

2. Regulates the bowel movement:

Wood apple juice or can say Bael juice, which is not only good in tasty but also beneficial in nature. It controls gastric ulcers caused due to the imbalance of mucus levels in the stomach and levels of hydrochloric acid secreted in the gastric tract for the purpose of digestion. It also has laxative properties that prevent constipation and also regulate bowel movement.

3. Helps in curing diabetes

The Different parts of the bael fruit such as the bark and branches of bael are rich in an organic compound that reduces the excess blood glucose levels with time. According to Ayurvedic texts, bael is an essential remedy for diabetes. Bael stimulates the working of the pancreas and helps them to produce insulin hormone that controls and necessarily reduces sugar levels in the blood.

4. Reduces the risk of cancer

Extracts of the wood/bael apple fruit contain a large number of antioxidants with the ability to give rise to free radicals. Those free radicles are very beneficial in reducing the risk of any type of cancer. Studies related to this topic suggest that consumption of bel juice on a regular basis prevents or cures breast cancer.

5. An efficient energy drink

Wood apple juice also functions as an efficient energy drink and is also fine if you want to enjoy it just like a smoothie. The juice also improves organ activity by triggering them and hence metabolism too.

Also, it is high in protein and can help in muscle repair as well.  

Know About Wood Apple Juice Recipe:

It is a traditional recipe used especially during summers to save us from the wrath of the deadly sun shining right above our heads outside.

Take a nice, ripe bael fruit and wash it. break the hard shell from all around. After removing the outer shell, extract out the pulp and keep it in a bowl. Mash the pulp till it softens a little and finally strains the mixture to remove any external impurities. Now, You can add chilled milk, cardamom powder, jaggery, and black salt to the bael pulp according to your culinary expert, and enjoy the refreshing drink!

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The concluding remarks for this article would be that wood Apple most commonly known as Bael fruit is a great choice if you want a smoothie that is refreshing as well as beneficial for your health. Its innumerable benefits on human health, make it a unique yet yummy fruit. Hope this article helps you to prepare wood apple juice at home and you must know about the various benefits of this amazing fruit.


Ques 1: Is wood/bael apple good for health?
Ans: Yes, during summer it is considered as best fruits and much beneficial for health. It has amazing benefits such as it controls diabetes, reduces gastric issues, and much more.

Ques 2: Is wood apple and Bael is same?
Ans: Yes, Wood apple in Hindi is called “bael”. Many people don’t know about the English name of most healthy fruits bael.

Ques 3: What is the taste of bael fruit?
Ans: Wood apple pulp as sour, unky taste in nature. It can be taken as juice or with jaggery, honey. People make bel juice by adding honey or coconut milk to it.

Ques 4: Can we eat wood apple raw?
Ans: Yes, it can be eaten raw with jaggery, honey, or jam.


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