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What is OMR sheet & How to Make corrections in OMR Sheet?

Many of us are given online entrance exams and know about the OMR sheets. If you never heard about OMR sheets and want to know then this guide is for you. Let us understand in detail what is OMR sheet? What are the uses of OMR sheets and much more in detail? Let’s start with the guide.

Let’s Understand What is OMR Sheet in Detail

OMR sheets, as normally used during various entrance exams or CBSE boards, are indeed an intriguing piece of paper. It is basically a specially designed printout having a unique pattern of circular miniature boxes which the candidates need to fill. OMR, or optically mark recognition is actually the process of reading physically marked data from formal documents like various entrance exams, surveys and tests conducted.

Omr sheets are used basically to read questionnaires, MCQs.  The devices that reads this sheets are worked with a dedicated scanner that shines a beam light onto the paper. To fill the OMR sheets only black or blue pens come into use. To check whether everything is correct put the OMR sheet in OMR filter and then it will radiate the laser on your sheet.

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Uses of OMR Sheets:

This sheet used for many purposes such as in exams, recruitment process and much more.

  • MCQ Examination
  • Recruitment
  • Feedback Forms
  • Application Forms
  • Admission Forms
  • Registration Form
  • Survey Form
  • Questionnaires Sheet
  • Training & Assessment
  • HR Projects Outsourcing
  • Attendance Sheets
  • Process Control Sheets
  • Award Sheet
  • Mark Sheet

How to Fill OMR Sheet Correctly For Any Examination or Test?

OMR sheets, contain circular bubbles to Mark your answers, called responses. The bubbles are to be filled in a certain specified manner as directed. The desired bubble is only to be check marked for the bubble just has to be filled completely. Response marked in any other way apart from this will not be evaluated by the scanner software installed on the desktop and hence the sheet will be rejected afterwards. Scribbling on the OMR sheet apart from marking your answers may result in the rejection of your sheet.

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How to Check Mistakes in OMR Sheets

Software is used to read the OMR sheets filled by the candidates. There is no fraud or scam with the result generated by OMR devices. Negligible errors found to reflect the accuracy of the OMR sheet system.

Precaution to Avoid the Rejection of OMR Sheets By Authority

  1. Avoid using stapler pins on your OMR sheet. This may result in disregard of your sheet.
  2. Don’t punch holes or tie your OMR sheets together using little threads. This may result in the discard of your sheet.
  3. Do not hold OMR sheets, folding them may result in unwanted marks on your sheet which may result in in its disregard.
  4. Never use whitener on your OMR sheet as it may interfere with the software installed in the desktop which may result in the discard of your sheet.

In The End…

The synopsis would be, this article is a complete guide for an individual who does not know how to go around with an OMR sheet and how to correct mistakes in OMR sheets. Now, you have enough knowledge and next time whenever you will give an exam must follow all the above-mentioned guidelines. After reading this blog, you will have no doubts or questions left regarding the use of an OMR sheet.


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