What is Migration Certificate and How to Apply for Migration Certificate Online?

Migration certificate….. Sounds familiar right? Of course! We all have heard about these important documents a million times, especially those who have already passed their 12th grade. It is a very essential document. This essential document is needed when you need to enroll yourself in a dignified college or when you shift your home from one place to another. Without this document, you cannot pursue your further studies, so do not skip this blog at any cost, as it may cost you a fortune! Now, let’s understand in detail what is Migration Certificate, Its importance, and the procedure to apply.

What is a Migration Certificate?

Migration certificate means the certificate required during the transfer of a student. In simple words, when a student pursuing a course in one university and wants to move to another University for the next course he/she wants to pursue, then they need this legal document. It is usually issued by the institution you were previously a part of, that you have attended. They have issued a certificate in the name of the student to the new University. It is a legal document that is required while moving from one place to another in a country.

When a student wants to take admission in an institution that runs with the jurisdiction of another University of the board of intermediate and secondary education or any other teaching institution this certificate is needed. 

How to Apply for a Migration Certificate?

Usually, the migration certificate issued by the school, college, or the institution you were a part of. Students need to approach the respective institution’s office and receive the certificate. But some boards also provide the certificate online on their respective online platform in PDF format, in tough times, such as the one we are witnessing currently as the coronavirus pandemic. You can download this document easily after filling the required information which is asked in the form.

What are the documents required while applying for Certificate?

There is a list of documents required if you want to acquire a decent migration certificate. They are following:

  1. The existing degree of the latest study course pursued in the respective institution.
  2. The last marksheet obtained.
  3. The latest fees payment proof.
  4. Character certificate.
  5. A decent identity card.
  6. A recent address verification proof.
  7.  Base card
  8. CRRI certificate.

with these documents in hand, you can easily grab your certificate in a little amount of time that too hassle-free.

Understand the Difference between migration and transfer certificate

People always seem confused about the terms migration and transfer certificate and their various differences. Transfer certificate is usually applicable in cases of school migration due to certain circumstances which vary drastically depending upon the condition. When you want to move to another school in the same area the board offices grant you a transfer certificate. This can be further used to get enrolled into another school located in the same or different area. So, now don’t get ever confused between these two certificates. You need to get your transfer certificate and migration certificate if your class 11 board is not CBSE. If it is not CBSE then you would require a migration certificate.


You have always been a Bonafide Student of the institution, having pursued a particular course in the institution under the particular University.

Your code of conduct was up to the mark and you are a person of decent character and will.

Finally, you have no dues pending with the institution of the university in any form.

Bottom Line…

In the above article, I have mentioned every important detail about the Migration certificate, the significance holds in daily life, how to apply for it. Hope you understand the procedure to apply for this certificate online. If you want to apply for it, you must follow the rule and guidelines of your university before applying. Just read through the article once and then you will have no doubts left regarding the procedure or existence of the document known as the migration certificate. If we missed something or you have any further question about the same must share your thoughts with us.

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