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What is Gond katira- Know About its Benefits, Nutritional Value

Gond katira has unique medicinal properties. It is known since ancient times as a perfect cure for cough and dysentery. For use, we need to soak it in water beforehand, where its physical state changes from crystalline to jelly-like substance in ample amount of time which is white in colour, and on further investigation, we come to know that it is odourless and colourless in nature. In this article, we will give you detail about what actually is Tragacanth Gum, Benefits of it.

What is Gond Katria (Tragacanth Gum)?

Gond katira  is a wonder herb indeed. The English name of Gond Katira is Tragacanth Gum. The only sad part is that most of the world is not familiar with its amazing effects on human health. Also known as the tragacanth gum, it is naturally obtained from the SAP of plant called locoweed, or Gond, by most of the people here. It oozes out, from the root and the stem, and is collected in a separate container where crystals are formed. Its special characteristics include ambient properties like keeping the body cool during summers and warm during winters.

Gond Katira Health Benefits

Gond katira has innumerable benefits for the human health. Consuming it daily can group truthful by keeping a number of diseases at an adequate distance from you and your loved ones.

  • Helps in maintaining a good digestive system: Its special qualities include certain chemicals present in it, that stimulate the peristaltic movement of the intestine, which for the result in better absorption of nutrients and minerals present in our food, and hence are better digestive pattern for your healthy tummy.
  • Helps in reducing heat strokes : Gond katira, as stated earlier, is a potential temperature reducing agent and efficiently decreases the temperature of the body during tough Times. This mechanism helps us from falling a prey to dehydration or the merciless Sun shining right above our heads during scorching summers. It also protects us from other summer related issues like sun strokes, heat strokes, nose bleeding and lots more.
  • Immunity Booster: Gond katira in any form, triggers the secretion of immune cells which for the health in the development of stronger immunity for the body to fight against foreign cells and pathogens. It also hastens the process of cell regeneration and cell recovery in the case of external damage.
  • Helps in regaining your health after pregnancy: In post pregnancy periods, women lose nearly all of their strength due to excess labour during childbirth and certain exhaustion during the gestation period. Gond katira rejuvenated the women’s body and helps in bringing back the lost muscle power and strength back that she feels strong and revitalized once again.

How We Can Eat Gond Katira (Tragacanth Gum)?

Gond katira can be mixed and consumed along with lemonades, various beverages, juices, milkshakes or used as a topping on various eatables. One can add it to milk too as a flavouring agent. Besides the amazing cooling benefits, it adds a smooth texture to shakes that makes them even yummier!

And the most important point to remember is to drink a lot of water if you are consuming gond katira otherwise it might block the intestines. Also, Do check for any allergies to gums as it can also cause breathing problems in some cases.

Nutritional Value of Gond Katira

Nutrients       Value (per 100 g)

Energy            70 kcal

Carbohydrates      35 g

Fibre                  30 g

Hydrates.               5 g

Fats                         0 g


Sodium                  9 g

Understand Uses of Gond Katira

1. Can be used as a fat alternative

Gond katira has been found to be an effective alternative in several packaged products such as sausages or McCain. Its gum-like consistent nature makes it a good binding reagent with processed meats and a more nutritive option to foods with higher fat content and nutritional value.

2. It has efficiency against foreign cell

Gond katira has been suggested to be effective against a wide range of microbes and other foreign cells. this gum has  also a topic of keen interest studied by numerous researchers to evaluate its potential and efficacy as an anti-microbial agent. According to a study, It was found to be more effective against microbes than the well known antibiotic ampicillin.

3. Good for Diabetes Patients

Gond katira extract can be used for trapping insulin naturally. It is highly suggested to diabetic patients who are on a daily routine dose of insulin. The glue-like binding property of the gum can be used to trap the required amount of insulin dosage. Afterwards, this preparation may be consumed in the form of a tablet. Research studies are still ongoing in this area and we will inform you further in case of any developments.

In The End…

The bottom line for this article would be that this is a beginners guide for the tragacanth gum, popularly known as the Gond katira in the native language. That basically revolves around Gond katira benefits, its nutritional value, and its various uses. It is an amazing natural compound that is beneficial for humankind in multiple ways and has innumerable benefits.

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