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What is call bomber and what is the use of that?

Many people must have heard about it while this can be new term of many people. Call Bomber is basically a free prank tool, by which anyone can send huge amount of calls in one time. Someone can easily access it and use it to annoy their friends or siblings. If using it in a right way then it is a good tool, but if someone want to use it to irritate anyone to harm anyone then this can be a harmful tool. If you are new with this term so today in this article we will tell you what is call bomber and how to use it, any alternatives and rules to use this tool.

Let’s began:-

Call Bomberzz:

Call Bomberzz a website that provides Call Bomber service without any cost. This is not limited tor any people, anyone can use it just by entering their phone number which they want to use for calls or messages. As, the website is not charging anyone its our responsibility to use it ethically and for the purpose to prank anyone. This website provides the rules to use this tool with disclaimer.

How to use Call Bomber?

As mentioned earlier that it is an easy to use website, anyone can use it simply just with their phone number. After entering your phone number you can select number of calls or message you eant to initiate. The number you entered will get numerous calls or messages within a short period.

What technique works behind Call Bombers?

Now there is a need to understand that how this website actually works. This website uses a technique called flooding. Only by using this technique the user receive endless calls within short time span. Different coding, different computer programs works behind it.

Is there any tool for msgs also?

Yes, like Call bomber, there is one tool uses known as Whatsapp Bomber. Whatsapp Bomber as the name suggest is used to send numberous message to a person. This tools send multiple message to the targeted phone number. But there is a side effect of this tool, as numerous messages can cause hang or can slow anyone device. It is a fun tool but until you use it safely. Howwcwet, it is essential to use it by following all rules.

What are the ethical consideratuons?

While call or whatsapp bomber are the fun tools but it is important to use it ethically. Using it to harm anyone or to harras anyone can cause serious issues. It is important to read everything about this tool carefully before start using it. They mentioned disclaimer on their website which is must to read and better to be responsible to your actions.

Is there any alternative to call bomber?

Call Bomber is a fun tool to prank with frinds and family if we talk about its alternatives, there are many with different use cases. These alternatives includes using the automated messages or calls in bulk by scheduling. By using the alternatives you can send messages in bulk or to place an automated call. These alternatives can be used for any business purpose not in any fun way. So, there is no similar alternative of this tool till now.

How to avoid Call Bomber calls?

To avoid being a victim of call bombing, it is important to keep your phone number private and only give to the people whom you trust the most. Additionally, you can use your phone setting to block any unwanted or unknown calls.


At the end we can say that there are many free websites and tools available in the market but its up to you how to use it or not. Don’t make any intention to hurt anyone or to harass anyone. Before using this tool it is must to obtain the content from the person being targeted or can take prank in fun way. If you know a person can get irritate soon better to avoid doing such pranks with these kind of persons. Also, always remember and think about others too, because maybe you are in a good mood but what about others. Maybe a person is already frustrated or stressedout your calls can hurt them more.


Ques 1. Is it legal to use Call Bomber?
Ans. It is a free website or tool which is a prank tool. Yes it is legal to use but only until it is usig for good fun purpose.

Ques 2. How to avoid such fake calls?
Ans. Block unknown calls is the simple thing you can do. Go to your phone setting and block all the unknown  numbers immediately.

Ques 3. Can Call bomber is dangerous?
Ans. If it is used to harm anyone or harras anyone then yes it is a dangerous to use too and can make anyone situation worse.

Disclaimer: We are not suggesting anyone to use this tool, this is only a informational blog about the tool information.


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