How to change window Password?

Follow These Methods

Method #1. Use Signin Options

1. Click on window icon and "I" key  2. Select Sign in Option  3. Enter your password  4. Type new password and conform it

Method #2. Use Control Panel

1. Open the 'Control Panel   2. Select "user account" 3. Go to the 'Manage another account' page 4. Choose the user account and change the password

Method #3. Using Netplwiz command

1. Press the 'Windows' icon and the 'R' key to open the 'Run' box. 2. In the box, type 'Netplwiz' and then hit 'Enter.' 3. The 'User Accounts' window will open. 4. Select User account and change the Password

Method #3. Using Command Prompt

1. Open Windows 10's 'Command Prompt' 2. Type 'net user' followed by the 'Enter' key. 3. Select user accounts on your computer

Method #3. Using Command Prompt

4. To change the password, use 'net user XYZ 123' at the command prompt. 5. The user's name is 'XYZ,' and the new password is '123. Replace these two with your login and password.

Method #3. Using Command Prompt

Your password is changed successfully

 By using these methods you can change your window password. check this for more information-