Google Celebrating 75th Anniversary of "The Diary of a young girl"

Anne Frank (Annelies Marie Frank) born in june 1929.

Anne Frank a jewish girl hid in 1943 from the Nazis during the occupation of Netherlands.

In 1889 to 1980 Anne fathers took his wife and two kids to live in Amsterdam. In 1942, After german forces occupied the Netherlands, 

Anne forces to transfer from publich school to Jewish school.  She received a diary on her 13th birthday and that day she began writing a book.

When Anne's sister Margot was faced with deportation, the Anaa or family went into hiding in 1942.  During the hiding she wrote story about secret Annex and about her feelings.

She was starting rewriting the diary but before start writing they were arrested by the police in year 1944.

Anne Dies from exchuasion and only her father was alive from her family and he came to knew that Anne and Margot is no more.

Anne Diary was found and become world famous with the name "The Diary of a Young Girl"/