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Top Cars under 6 lakhs in India 2021 | Digi Patrika

Presenting a list of cars under 6 lakhs to boost up the journey of your life at minimal cost and absolutely zero extra charges. Cars were initially considered as a luxury in Indian households but now it has proven to be a necessity. Taking the comfort level of a middle-class family is into account, many manufacturers have started developing cars at cheaper prices and also have started to sell their vehicles at lower prices. 

Budget-friendly cars are available almost everywhere in the market nowadays which are absolutely affordable and take into account the money you can actually put into.

Let’s have a look at some of the best cars under 6 lakhs in India 2021.

1. Maruti Swift

Starting from 5.73 lacs, it is the best choice if you are a small family. With an overall 4 by 5-star rating, the key features of Maruti Swift include its mileage which is appreciable, that is 23 km/l. Swift is the first choice among youngsters and considered the top model car under 6 lakhs in India. 

Image Src: Marutisuzuki .com

It is a petrol car which adds to its efficiency. An overall of 1197 cc engine, which adds to its overall amazing profile. Standard features of Maruti Swift include cruise control systems, engine idle start-stop functionality, for a greener future of our planet. It has LED headlamp so that you never miss any details of your journey and also to provide better night vision, a flat bottom steering wheel taking account of comfort levels of the driver, airbags for all the people in the car as safety is our primary concern. This car is an amazing choice according to our customers.

2. Maruti Dzire

Starting from 5.98 lacs and loaded with dozen of unique features, Maruti Dzire is a clear reflection of your style with a pinch of class in it. It makes your every drive efficient yet elegant.

Image Src: Cardekho

Maruti Dzire is considered the best choice when it comes to buying the best cars under 6 lakhs. With a mileage of 23.26 kmpl, this petrol car has the best to offer with the efficient engine of 1197 cc.  Its other amazing features include a spacious capacity of seating 5, power steering. Also, taking into account the comfort levels of the driver, Anti-lock braking system, driver as well as passenger airbags as your safety is our primary concern, fog lights at the front so that you don’t it faced trouble even during heavy mist conditions. Combining all these unique features, this car is a great choice.

3. Maruti Baleno

Starting from 5.98 lacs, and with an overall 4.5 by 5-star rating, Maruti presents another amazing yet affordable vehicle for its customers. 

Image Src- Carwale

Its key features include LED headlamps which better night visibility for you, UV cut glass, which necessarily lessens the number of UV rays entering the cabin and hence keeps it relatively cooler. A speed alert system starts beeping when the car exceeds the speed of 80 km/hour, as we care for you. With a spacious seating capacity of 5, an Anti-lock braking system, airbags for drivers as well as passengers, your safety is our primary concern. Combining all the features of this car, I assure you that it is a great choice.

4. Tata Altroz

Image Src- Cardekho

Starting at 5.79 lacs, key specialties of this unique vehicle include Indian efficiency of 1199 – 1497 cc. It has one diesel as well as 1 petrol engine. The diesel engine has an efficiency of 1497 cc whereas a petrol engine has an efficiency of 1199 cc. Tata Altroz is a spacious 5 seater vehicle. Its unique features include hinglish voice commands so that your focus remains only on driving. It has a fantastic 8 speaker sound system for an amazing music experience, driver as well as passenger airbags as your safety is our primary concern. Front fog lights for better visibility even during heavy mist conditions. Combining all these features, this vehicle is a great choice.

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5. Renault Kwid

Starting at 3.32 lacs, Renault Kwid has an overall star rating of 4.5. Its key features include an actually efficient engine of 800 – 1000 cc. Pitstop features include a reverse camera for a better view during parking, a real arm set for a comfortable drive, 270-litre boot space so that you don’t miss out on anything. It is available in manual and automatic transmission models.

Image Src: Livemint

With a spacious seating capacity of 5 and the fuel tank capacity of 28 litres, Renault kwid can be considered best for long and comfortable drives. Adjustable headlights, it makes sure that you don’t have to compromise with the night vision. It’s Touch screen entertainment mechanism, you can enjoy your favourite music videos during the journey. Combining all these features, Renault kwid is the best car under 6 lakhs in India.

In The End…

The synopsis would be, the list of top cars under 6 lakhs has been already provided above. With all the features of the cars being discussed now, you don’t have refer to someone else. The description provided is absolutely accurate and will obviously help you in finding the right car for your family. 

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