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Over the past years, bikes in India have evolved in terms of various features and demands of individuals and roads. Everyone wants smooth and happening biking from any bike. At present date the Indian bikes are not just two-wheelers in fact they are just more than an option for traveling. There are many more options for traveling but it’s just that the number of options for two-wheelers is many. If we see the reports then according to several surveys the sale of bikes has been increasing rapidly continuously over years. This sale was so high that the industries sold more than 21 million units. If you have thirst for adventure and biking then one can go for checking out bikes on lands, terranes, plateaus, and on different types of lands. We have prepared a List of off-road adventures bike like KTM, Duke, NFS, etc so that you can get the idea of India’s top off-road adventure bikes.

The list of off-road adventures bike is as follows:-

  1. Bullet or Royal Enfield Himalayan
  2. KTM 
  3. Hero Xpulse
  4. Kawasaki KLX110
  5. KTM 250 Adventure
  6. Hero Xpulse 200T
  7. BMW G 310 GS

Let us discuss some of them in detail. Here we begin:

1. Bullet or Royal Enfield Himalayan

When we think of highways and adventure then Bullet or Royal Enfield Himalayan is the bike that tops the list of off-road adventures bikes. With the most powerful engine and ideal features that can run through the heavily with the winds, this suits the fittest criterion. Its look as compared with the classic royal Enfield is very different and maybe this might be also a reason for its topping the list of off-road adventures bike apart from that of KTM 390 and Duke.

Various of its features are as follows:-

  • It has a BS6 compliant 411 cc single-cylinder,4 strokes, air-cooled, SOHC engine.
  • The deliverance power of this Bullet or Royal Enfield Himalayan is 24.3 bhp.
  • It includes a front telescopic suspension and a mono-shock suspension at the back.
  • Its price as of today is Rs.2.05 lakh.
  • Disk brakes at both ends.
  • The wheelbase of 1465 mm

2.  KTM 390 Adventure: This is the second most alluring bike topping the list of off-road adventures bikes. It is an Austrian motorcycle brand. Recently it was added to the list of off-road adventures bike.KTM 390 is added to the list of most advanced motorbikes. Its look as per character makes it appear more aggressive.

Various features of KTM 390 are as follows:-

  • Price range is Rs 3.13 lakh
  • It provides a ground clearance of 200mm
  • 1430 mm is its wheelbase
  • Front brake is a four-piston radial fixed caliper

3. Hero Xpulse: Have you got the thought of crossing the muddy terranes ever. If yes go for choosing this all amazing bike Hero Xpulse.Because of its most reliable features, it has been included in the List of off-road adventures bikes. Its specifications are as per off-beat roads. Being a successor of hero impulse you can easily take it for adventure purposes. Also, the look is pretty much appealing so one can easily go for it or KTM 390 or Duke.

There are some more features of this all-amazing hero Xpulse. These are as follows:-

  • It has got an engine powered by BS6 compliment oil-cooled.
  • It also has a telescopic engine with a 2× DU bush at the front.
  • Showroom price is Rs 1.45 lakhs

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4. Hero Xpulse 200T: This is the backpacker’s companion. It also has a single ABS.So choose this bike if you want to roam around new locations. Go for exploring purposes if you need biking. Let us look at various features of this bike:-

  • Its front has telescopic suspension
  • Its average pricing is approx. Rs.1.16 lakh
  • Both the ends have disc brakes
  • Wheelbase of this bike is 1393mm

5. BMW G 310 GS: This is the best runaway partner one can ever get. One can go exploring and do adventure with this BMW G 310 GS.

Some of the features of this bike that is BMW G 310 GS are as follows:-

  • Both the front and rear suspension of BMW G 310 GS is 180mm
  • The average price of BMW G 310 GS is Rs 3 lakhs
  • The ground clearance is 220mm

6. Kawasaki KLX110: As we know what features the young generation wants, so here we are with all those features they want. Kawasaki KLX110 is the most suitable one for one who wishes to take an off-road adventures bike. That’s why this has been included in the List of off-road adventures bikes. The weight management specification of this bike is 70 kg maximum. The Colour variant is also one.

Some of the specifications of this bike are as follows:-

  • Price is Rs 3 lakh
  • Ground clearance it provides of 215 mm
  • Average mileage is 20kmpl
  • Both the ends have drum brakes

7. KTM 250 Adventure: In Australia, KTM 250 Adventure is the most suitable bike for the ones who think of price and affordability. It’s an off-road bike that is best suitable for off-roading.

Some of the features of this off-road adventures bike are as follows:-

  • The price of this is Rs 2.5 lakhs
  • The mileage of this KTM 250 Adventure is 35 Kmpl
  • It is powdered by BS6 compliant

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In The End…

So this was all about the List of off-road adventures bikes we sorted for you. We too have given a piece of detailed information on some of them. This list was prepared to keep in mind all the features and qualities that biker desires to see in the bike that he/she wants to opt for. All the bikes in the List of off-road adventures bike are best in their own way they have unique features over one another. Who doesn’t wants to experience adventure at least once in their life? But yes this is also true that you need to also see the specifications wisely as per your adventure needs. Go for taking one for your upcoming adventure trip. Happy reading.

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