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Tata Steel share price future prediction

Money is an essential component of our lives. It allows us to meet our basic needs, such as buying food and shelter and paying for healthcare. And if we don’t have enough money, both our own well-being and the overall well-being of the community suffer greatly. At the same time, good money management is required. The most crucial component of money management is to invest wisely so that your hard-earned money may now work for you. The use of funds to generate additional revenue or a value gain is referred to as an investment. So, when we think of investing, the first thing that comes to mind is the stock market and its values. Let’s look at some stock market data for one such company. We will talk about Tata Steel and Tata Steel share price future prediction and much more.

Introduction to Tata Steel Company:

Tata Steel Ltd (NSE: TATASTEEL) was founded in India in 1907 as Asia’s first integrated private steel firm. It is now the world’s second-most varied steel manufacturer in terms of geography. Tata Steel is one of the few completely integrated steel businesses, from mining through manufacturing and sale of final goods.

The Tata Steel Group, a Fortune 500 firm with a revenue of US$ 24.82 billion in FY 13, employs over 80 thousand people (about the seating capacity of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum) across five continents. Tata Steel’s largest manufacturing plants are in India, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Thailand, Singapore, China, and Australia. Tata Steel Limited (India), Tata Steel Europe Limited (previously Corus), Tata Steel Singapore, and Tata Steel Thailand are among the Group’s operating entities.

History of Tata Steel share prices

Tata Steel’s stock recovered with global commodity demand after the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021. The company’s improving financial performance bolstered its shares as the Mumbai-based steelmaker went on with its debt restructuring strategy.

The company’s share value increased by 72.68% in 2021, compared to 36.35% in 2020. It began 2022 at INR1,142 on 3 January, compared to INR693 in early January 2021.

Tata Steel shares continued to rise, reaching an intraday high of INR1,386.70 on 6 April after the company announced a 12.5% increase in steel output from its India division.

Despite a second wave of Covid-19 breakouts, Tata Steel India announced its highest ever annual output of 19 million tonnes of crude steel in the fiscal year 2022, up from 16.92 million tonnes the previous year. However, the stock has given up its gain since reaching its peak for the year. As of 13 May, Tata Steel’s stock has fallen 3.5% year to date (YTD) and 4.4% year on year (YoY).

Tata Steel stock price prediction tomorrow or in 2023

Let’s see how TATA Steel shares look in 2023. TATA Steel shares are now trading at 122.00 Rupees as on 23.01.2023.

Tata Steel stock is currently trading at a Golden Ratio of 0.618, according to Fibonacci retracement. It is now priced at Rs 122. So, if the 0.618 golden ratio is retraced, the next target for Tata Steel stock is Rs 127. All of this is forecast in a monthly time frame. Tata Steel shares may begin to fall, with a 52-week low of 82.70 expected.

The given table shows some of the Tata Steel share prices data- 

Date Closing Open Range Volume
Mon 30 January 2023 118.75 (-1.57%) 120.45 116.90 – 121.10 1.0665 times
Fri 27 January 2023 120.65 (-0.29%) 121.90 119.10 – 123.25 1.3464 times
Wed 25 January 2023 121.00 (0.5%) 120.35 120.10 – 122.25 1.0658 times
Tue 24 January 2023 120.40 (-1.31%) 122.50 120.10 – 122.55 0.6348 times
Mon 23 January 2023 122.00 (-0.77%) 123.40 121.50 – 123.85 0.6552 times
Fri 20 January 2023 122.95 (-0.49%) 123.40 122.00 – 124.20 0.8656 times
Thu 19 January 2023 123.55 (0.9%) 121.80 121.15 – 124.30 1.2271 times
Wed 18 January 2023 122.45 (2.6%) 120.00 120.00 – 123.00 1.4834 times
Tue 17 January 2023 119.35 (-0.5%) 119.75 118.00 – 119.90 0.6387 times
Mon 16 January 2023 119.95 (-0.42%) 121.45 118.80 – 121.45 1.0163 times
Fri 13 January 2023 120.45 (1.99%) 118.55 118.15 – 121.60 1.5781 times


Performance of Tata Steel stock

TATA Steel is classified as a large cap company. In the last year, the 52-week high has been Rs.147.60/- and the 52-week low has been Rs.82.70/-. The current spot price is Rs.122/- (23.01.2023). TATA Steel invests in both the option and cash markets. The dividend yield on TATA Steel is 4.74%. Analyst approval is 61%. In the last three months, the mutual funds’ and foreign institutional investors’ holdings of the company have been nearly constant. The total number of stockholders is 337000 lakhs.

TATA Steel’s Share Price Forecast for 2025

Steel demand in European countries outside the EU has been steadily expanding in recent years. Tata Steel has been putting forth a lot of effort to accommodate this demand. As a result, the business has been profitable on a constant basis. And it is likely that this demand will persist in the following days. Steel’s share target of 315.821 is likely to be attained by 2025 if demand continues to climb. When this target is reached, another target of 351.686 will appear.

Views on buying, selling, or holding Tata Steel stock

  1. ICICI Direct: Against the backdrop of range-bound domestic steel prices, the recent steep decline in coking coal costs bodes positively for Indian steel manufacturers, according to the research firm. Coking coal prices have fallen by half in the last few months, from $415/tonne in June 2022 to $208/tonne in August 2022. Lower coal coking costs will benefit the corporation in the coming quarter. ICICI Direct has maintained its ‘Buy’ recommendation on the stock, with a target price of Rs 130.
  2. Prabhudas Lilladher: Prabhudas Lilladher sees the sector negatively due to a gloomy outlook for steel pricing and concerns about global demand. Analysts highlighted those earnings for the period April 22 to June 22 exceeded their expectations, owing to a lag in steel prices. However, margins far exceeding historical averages in both India and Europe, as well as a hard macro environment, have contributed to this pessimistic outlook. Tata Steel has a ‘Reduce’ rating and a target price of Rs 975, according to the research firm.
  3. Macquarie: According to Macquarie, Tata Steel’s consolidated EBITDA in the April-June 22 period exceeded forecasts. It noted that the European Union (EU) EBITDA per tonne surprised them favorably. Given the recent downturn in steel prices in the EU, the global brokerage business expects profits to fall in the second half of FY23. It has a ‘Buy’ recommendation on the stock and anticipates that it will reach Rs 167. (Target of Rs 1,670 pre-split).


So, we learnt about the Tata Steel Corporation, as well as its current and projected share values. Tata Steel Limited is an Indian multinational steel company with headquarters in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Tata Steel share price future prediction 2025 and other similar subjects have been briefly explored. I hope you find this material beneficial.


Ques 1. What is Tata Steel’s predicted share price?
Ans: On December 9, 2022, at 3:59 PM IST, the share price of Tata Steel was Rs 110.45. Tata Steel’s share price fell 1.25% from its previous close of Rs. 111.2. Tata Steel’s share price increased by 4.10% in the last month.

Ques 2. Is Tata Steel a bull or a bear?
Ans: TATA STEEL’s chart pattern is a Double Bottom. It is a bullish pattern, and the stock may rise over the 400 level.

Ques 3. Will the share price of Tata Steel rise?
Ans: Over the next six months, ICICI Direct predicts Tata Steel to advance toward Rs 127, which is an 80% retracement of the April-June 2022 fall (R138-83) while solid support is located at Rs 98.

Ques 4. Can I make a long-term investment in Tata Steel?
Ans: The trend-following Fib Extension predicted a target price of Rs 162. Based on the technical structure described above, one can open a long position in Tata Steel at the present market price of Rs 114, or a price drop to Rs 110 levels can be exploited as a purchasing opportunity for the upside goal of Rs 162.

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