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Sunetra Sastry | Biography, Career, Husband, Age | Digi Patrika

Sunetra Sastry is a very popular and successful makeup artist of Indo Anglican origin. Talking about the shows, she was seen in the show ‘Black adder’, which was basically a comedy entertainment show. She is also known for being the first wife of the very popular comedian, Rowan Atkinson, known in the industry as Mr bean.

Sunetra Sastry Early Life

Sunetra Sastry was born on January 9/September 5, 1957, tour couple where her father was of Indian origin and mother of English origin. She passed her early years in England in the 1960s. Talking about those days, Sastry says that she faced a lot of social racism in her daily life due to the Indian nature of her father. She also says that the relations between her mother and her own family were disturbed deeply because she chose to marry an Indian man.

After completing her studies till High school, she took admissions and attended the beauty college, London, against the wishes of her parents. She had the firm belief that makeup is her only passion and she wanted to pursue it further. But, her parents believed just the opposite. According to her parents, makeup was not even a worthy career. They wanted to enroll her in a nursing course and even forced her to pursue nursing. But, Sunetra was very clear about her aims in life. Thankfully, after some amount of time, her parents finally realized that make up was truly her passion and started supporting her with the whole of their hearts.

Sunetra Sastry Career

Sunetra Sastry’s career started flourishing in the 1980s,  When she started working as a makeup artist for BBC. She also has worked for Rowan Atkinson production, as a  professional makeup artist. After working for ‘black adder’, she started working for ‘black adder II’. She also worked for the TV movie ‘smack and thistle’ for BBC in 1988.

Sunetra Sastry- Marriage with Rowan Atkinson

Sunetra Sastry met Rowan Atkinson during the 1980s and married him in February 1990. Their first child, a son, who was named Benjamin afterwards, was born in 1993. Their second child, a daughter, who was named Lily afterwards, was born in 1995. After the birth of both of her children, she decided to take care of them  regarding their growth and development and finally diverged away from the makeup industry.

Tables turned when in 2014, Rowan Atkinson developed a relationship with the popular actress Louise Ford. Gradually, sunetra Sastry and Rowan Atkinson were divorced in November 2015 due to increased disparities between them.

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Net Worth of Sunetra Sastry 

Sunetra Sastry is a very famous makeup artist and earned smart amount from her makeup profession. Her net income according to many other sources is around USD 550k approx.

Sunetra Sastry’s favourites

Her Favourite actor: Eddie redmayne

Favourite actress: Emma stone.

Destination : London

Favourite colour : black.


The concluding remarks for this article would be that this blog is basically a biography for sunetra Sastry and includes her personal information, about her early life, married life and much more. Hope those who are are interested to know about Sunetra Sastry’s life got all the important information in this blog.  After reading this piece of knowledge, you will have no piece of knowledge left about her life.

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