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Pagalmovies Website 2021: Things You Should Know About

Movies or watching movies is an integral part of our day-to-day routine. Each of us loves watching movies in our leisure time. Our very own film industry has provided a variety of options to us so that we can choose according to our taste. All these have made the Bollywood filming industry reach the top-notch. Each day many movies, web series, and many such small stories come and goes. Each and everyone can’t go to the theaters so for those viewers of movies and web series we have brought up this article. There are several free websites from where you can watch online movies. Some of those free websites are Pagalmovies, katmoviehd, movieverse, and many more. One of the most popular websites in the present date is Pagalmovies. The viewers can either download from Pagalmovies or you can also go for watching online. Not only movies, but web series are also available on this platform in different languages. If we look for any website then we often look at several factors like resolutions varieties, categories, free downloading, fewer advertisements, good server, and many more. All these factors contribute to the choosing of the best website for viewers.

In this article, we will be discussing various related terms to Pagalmovies such as is it a safe website? How Pagalmovies platform earns by providing HD movies for free and much more. So let us begin to discuss one by one.

What is Pagalmovies?

Pagalmovies is that website that has all the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Bengali, Tamil, and all dubbed movies for you to watch. The best part of this platform is that it provides the user with totally fast speed and the server is too good and smooth to use. So if you are searching for a website that would provide you with the facility like fast access of this website anytime and anywhere then you must try  Pagalmovies monster. Also, we have yet another website named Pagalmovies fun for streaming movies or series with a variety resolution.

It has also a very fast server that works in seconds so by now you can imaging the smoothness in accessing the website. For those viewers who are searching for movies in languages like Tamil and Telugu go for Pagalmovies surf. If you are a passionate user who wishes to find adventure, horror, animation, crime, drama, and many such categories in one place then I suggest you should visit Pagalmovies. fun once. You will be satisfied with the ease of finding movies and web series all because of the creation of these categories.

All You Need to Know About Pagalmovies Surf

If we talk in detail about the “Pagalmovies Surf” or the “Pagalmovies Monster” then both of these websites are simply free websites for downloading online movies, series, and many more such pieces of stuff related to the entertainment industry. Irrespective of the fact that all these websites or co-sites that use to get develop each passing day are illegal they are widely used by users around the globe. All these websites contain multiple features which make a movie addict or person or viewer attracted to visit the site again and again. Day by day many sub-websites related to Pagalmovies keep on developing but it’s just that they get deleted and banned to be precise by the government itself.

According to many searches, we got to know that users have started changing the VPN to access these. There is an end number of users who use this Pagalmovies website day and night. Each day we receive a great number of new users which keeps the website alive and popular. It contains various options related to language choice but yes they might be dubbed so the lack of quality sometimes gets witnessed. The developers have worked very well on its homepage. Once you will open the homepage you will observe that they are very attractive and the best part is its organization is very defined. Many users do comes for pieces of stuff other than movies like inspirational films, short plays, etc. Pagalmovies provides one with all these on just a single screen. If you wish to go for online streaming then you can also do that without any hindrance.

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Feature of Pagalmovies Website 2021

The Pagalmovies website is always in rumors due to its various features. Yes, it keeps evolving with its features part. It’s all because of the features that the users keep checking and using as always. The various features of this Pagalmovies that make it different from any other website are as follows: –

  1. In this Pagalmovies . fun you can download any movie at any time and that too for free of cost.
  2. If we compare the speed of the movies to that of other websites then the site of page movies. fun is way too fast.
  3. There are very well-defined sections of various movies present on the home page itself.
  4. Many sections finally lead to easy usage and also provide the user with a convenient option.
  5. The movies are present in multiple languages like Bengali, Tamil, English, Chinese, Punjabi, and whatever you wish.
  6. The website is very much user-friendly.
  7. In the sub link pagalmovies.south you may also find many cartoons which you can easily go for downloading that too in whichever language you wish to.

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Similar to that any other website’s multiple addresses have also got various of its websites that are working great in 2021. Yes, that’s true if one of the main pages of this Pagalmovies doesn’t work you can go for its substitutes or other websites in simple words. We have shortlisted some of the links. Let’s see about this one by one:

  • Pagalmovies. surf
  • Pagalmovies. south for south Indian users so that they can easily download movies in their native languages like Tamil, Telegu, etc.
  • Pagalmovies. fan
  • Pagalmovies. rent
  • Pagalmovies. fun
  • Pagalmovies. in
  • Pagalmovies. monster
  • Pagalmovies. work

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How to Download Movies By Using Pagalmovies Website:

The Pagalmovies website and the homepage are full of many movies, series, short films lists. You may also search for movies that you wish to download for a longer period. Downloading movies from page movies is a very easy process. All you need to do is just follow the below-mentioned steps: –

  1. Open any web browser like google chrome, safari, etc.
  2. Type “”.
  3. Press the enter button and you will get a variety of links.
  4. Choose Pagalmovies. monster option and open it by double-clicking on it.
  5. As soon as you double click you will directly be taken to the official website.
  6. Now you will find a search bar onto which you can go for searching for the movie you wish to download.
  7. After writing the movie name you will find a small snap, poster, or screenshot image of that particular movie.
  8. You need to click on that very image.
  9. You will find downloading option over there so all you need to do here is just click on that so that the downloading process can be initiated.
  10. Choose the resolution you wish to watch the movie in.
  11. After you are done with the resolution part click to generate the link.
  12. As soon the link generates you have to simply click on the download option and the process will begin as soon as you double click on it.

Yes, one more thing that needs to be informed here and that is that if during the downloading process any advertisement pops or opens up then immediately close it. This is because those advertisements may contain any harmful stuff for your Pcs performance.

Qualities of Movies Available on Pagalmovies Website

Movies are available in several qualities are:

  • Blue-ray
  • MP4
  • HD MP4
  • 400MB Movies
  • 300MB movies
  • 250 MB movies
  • 150 MB movies

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Is Pagalmovies is a Legal Website or Is It Safe to Use this website?

This is indeed a pirated website and maybe that’s why the government keeps on banning its websites. Also using this website is your own risk as it may contain some harmful contents that can also harm your device. This fact is true as when you are going for the downloading process you may also download multiple ads and the rest of the unnecessary kinds of stuff. Your device may also get viruses. Using such content may also prove to be harmful and risky as well at the same time. So, that’s all we could inform you about the safety issues.

Now moving up to the categories of movies that has. If we go on counting then the list is too long. But yes, once the homepage is opened you may find various varieties of categories. On you will get all the latest released Bollywood, South Indian, Punjabi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, etc. movies all on a single screen. Users often say that the major reason why they use this website is the presence of easy movie finding options before them.

The several categories are as enlisted below: –

  • New movies: In this category, you can go and download all the new releases in 2021. Either you can watch online or go for downloading the movies. The process or steps for downloading is already discussed above
  • New Hindi movies: This category is defined for all the new Hindi movies that are just now released.
    Bollywood movies-All the Bollywood movies, series, and their dubbed versions can be found easily over here.
  • Tv web series: Apart from movies these web series are in great demand among all age groups. So one can also find popular and any web series over here.
  • Biggboss tv shows: Similarly if you want to watch any of the big boss episodes you can also get them here.
  • New Punjabi movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • South Indian movies


Pagalmovies is an illegal website a kind of pirated one. According to government norms you shouldn’t watch, download or visit any such websites or even use them. It is advisable to always opt for legal and official websites like amazon, Netflix, etc.

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