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What is Wind Chime | Know Interesting Facts About That

You must have noticed wind chimes hanging out on someone’s porch or at a public place swaying out in the open. Many people love to keep win chime at home, in their rooms.  In this article, we will cover some interesting facts about wind chime, how to make it at home, and much more.

Let’s get started with the details and interesting facts:

What is Wind Chime?

They are a type of percussion instrument that produces a musical sound when struck by wind blowing. They can be constructed from bells, metal rods, or other sonorous objects. They are often used as a garden ornaments. Whenever wind chimes tinkle, they give rise to very faint yet sweet music that sounds magical. Initially, wind chimes were seen in Rome, made of bronze. Bells are known to keep evil spirits at bay and they are also known as a symbol of good fortune.

They can be used to keep in notice wind speed and wind direction. The main purpose of a wind chime is to keep negative energies at a distance and attract positive vibes and energies. It produces some of the very amazing melodies ever heard, and that too, randomly all of a sudden when the wind strikes it. They purify the energy present all around you and induce a certain kind of calmness into the environment. The radiator peace and Good Vibes all around you.

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Let’s Know the Facts About Wind Chime:

  1. Constituents of a wind chime: Avention basically consists of five cylinders that represent the 5 elements of nature – Earth, Metal, Fire, Water, and wood. These five elements are the basic building blocks of our universe and are depicted by the five cylinders of the wind chime. Its gentle tinkling voice reduces the bad luck of your environment and attracts prosperity from all sides.
  2. Position of a wind chime: There are many types of wind chimes available in the markets around you. If you have a metal wind chime, you need to hang it on the northwestern side of your home. If you have a wooden chime, you need to hang out at the eastern or North Western side of your home. If your main aim is to achieve fame and success, you need to hang your wind chime at the southern side of your home or workplace. When shines need to be placed at different locations according to the traits associated with them.
  3. Health effects of wind chimes: The musical voice created by the wind chime is known to have a soothing effect on the human mind. It also helps in relieving stress and invokes a feeling of peace and serenity in an individual. Once you listen to the voice of the wind chime, it tends to bring a balance in your life and can help in achieving your daily goals and targets easily by motivating you to the core and by upgrading the feeling of peace and self-confidence in you.

How you can make attractive wind chimes at home?

Windchime is a very easy object to make at home and here are certain ways which would help you in the process.

  • You just need a small flower pot, fishing line, floral wire, with some acrylic paints, wire, and some cure glass shell pieces. And now, your DIY chime is ready. All of these things are very easy to assemble as the parts of a wind chime.
  • You can use plastic bottle caps and create your own super-cool wind chime which is not only cheerful but also very colorful and pretty to look at. By doing this you are also reducing your plastic waste by using the plastic bottle caps and helping nature in an indirect way.
  • It all depends on you on how you want to design your very own wind chime and Amaze your homies.

Bottom Line…

This article was all about wind chimes – the significance and making. They are a symbol of good Vibes and positive energy. After reading this article you will have no doubts left regarding the topic of wind chime and can even make your own using plastic bottle caps or other trendy material we don’t even pay heed to. 

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