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Beginners Blogging Guide 2022 | How to Start With Blogging

A blog is basically a form of online publication. It is a continuously updated source of facts, leisure, and fresh content to read on a website. The main issue is most blogs do not get any attention. The content might be fun to read and engrossing, but due to lack of attention, it goes down the drain. Since the early days of blogging, it has now developed into an incredibly commercial online business tool. Accomplishment does not happen overnight. It takes time to scheme, put it in black and white, publish content, and allure clients to your site. as a beginner, you can use beginners blogging guide 2022 to start your official blog this year.

To start with your own blog there are multiple online CMS platforms available such as WordPress, Wix, Blogspot. Nearly every serious blogger uses a self-hosted WordPress site because of its flexibility and according to his/ her comfort.

Blogging is a dream job for a lot of people out there. You get to be your own Boss, you can work right from your place, you generate your own income, you are not answerable to anyone apart from yourself. 

It’s a beginners blogging guide but it will help you in becoming a successful blogger for sure! Starting a blog this year is not a late start but is a very positive aspect and still can help you to make your dreams come true.

Complete beginners blogging guide 2022:

Step #1: Select a niche:

It is important to ask yourself that what are you passionate about blogging. Because that would be the reason behind your blogs and that only I will help you find your audience that is the people actually want to read your blogs. Niche is basically a specific category like whether you are passionate about fitness, technology, soft skill expert, or anything else. According to your interest, you can choose a niche and then can proceed further.

Step #2:  Select platform for blogging

Choosing the right blogging platform is the most important step to do.  You’ll also need to think about what kind of content you will share with your audience now and in the future. With time, you may change the look of your blog easily and can add more features for your growing audience. Choose a blogging platform wisely, check out different platforms their features and then decide. Starting off with the wrong platform can cause little difficulty later on.

Step #3: Its time to Choose a domain and hosting

The first step towards blogging is to register your domain. Choose a domain name according to your will. No doubt that domain name is an important part of your blog because it creates the first impression on your viewers. Next, choose your hosting plan. To find the right domain name, you can check out the competitors, can add different words. Choose a short, crisp, and unique domain name for you. After buying domain, set your blog account and create the password and complete your hosting plan.

Step #4: Start blog on WordPress:

As mentioned earlier, WordPress is a choice of many famous bloggers due to its amazing features. With the easy-to-access features of WordPress, one can easily create a fresh website. Install WordPress, connect your domain name with cms platform, and start building your website. Simply click on ‘start building’ to go to your blog on the homepage. If you don’t have knowledge about how to use WordPress then you can check out youtube tutorials and there are many beginner blogging guides available that can help you to start. Neil Patel blogging guide also helps you to get grow faster.

Step #5: Select a theme and design your blog:

A Good theme helps you to design your blog exactly the way you want it to look. Installing a blog theme is a really simple task.  there are many free and paid themes available you can choose as per your desire. If you don’t have any idea about theme setting or installation you can check out any youtube video or beginners blogging guide 2022 to understand theme installation in detail.

  • Login into your admin section of WordPress
  • Go to Themes and search for a new theme.
  • Checkout live preview of themes, install and activate it.
  • Click on the upload button followed by choose file button.

Find the .zip file you downloaded by your choice and click on install now to install your new simple blog design.

Step #6: Get necessary plugins :

Plugins are third-party appendages that add additional functionality to your blog. It is best to keep your number of plugins to a minimum and has only the unique type handy with you because too many can slow down your site.  Use the plugins wisely, don’t download too many plugins as it can make your site speed low. Yoast, Editor, Social Plugin are few must-have plugins to optimize your site.

To add a plugin go to your wordpress dashboard, go to plugin > add new.

Step #7: Start publishing your first content

As you have already started a blog, and now it’s time to start blogging. The main features of the blog must be-

  • Content – First things first! Create the essential pages first such as an about us page, contact page, and any other page that you want in the header section.
  • Multimedia – Spice up your blog with Sassy photos and images. Visually appealing content is always the key to a greater audience.
  • Logo – Design a professional logo for yourself. Hype up the account a little bit. Logon not only displays your seriousness towards the business but also defines your motto to the audience.
  • Publish your first blog – Publishing regularly would be good for building an audience as then you will get to know about the stats of your site regarding the users, readers, and the general public.

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Step #8: Optimize blog for SEO

Search engine optimization is a process that helps bloggers, website owners improve the visibility of their website. Optimizing your blog for search engines is the most important step after writing a blog. It includes keyword optimization, image optimization, catchy meta writing, social setup, Tags, and much more. Most important step of this beginner blogging guide 2022, don’t forget to optimize.

Now let’s get a basic understanding of the right optimization process:

  • Keyword optimization: Selecting the right keywords and using those in your blog effectively is the first funda to get success. Use main keywords, synonyms, relatable words, within the content. This helps you to increase your reach and help search engines to crawl and index your page.
  • SEO Meta tags: Now, the next step is to add meta titles and descriptions. Keep it crisp and eye-catchy so that it will help to improve CTR rate. According to Google guidelines, understand the title and keywords length. To make this process easier for you there are many plugins available like Yoast SEO and AISEO.
  • Set Up social: To share content on social media must optimize your image according to different platforms to create an attractive thumbnail. Write the same meta in the social section to improve visibility.

Step #9: Start Content Marketing

Content is king no doubt but without promotion content is nothing. You started published new blogs but how will you increase the reach? Content marketing is a strategic approach that focused on distributing content on different social platforms.  There are multiple social platforms that are best for promotion to drive visitors’ action. Always keep “content marketing” in your priority list after completing the process of publishing.

Here are some tips regarding professional blogging –

  • Define your actual readers – Find the right audience for your blog or website.
  • Be yourself – copying content does not help in any way as the readers are way too active and plagiarism is a serious offense nowadays.
  • Be unbiased – Transparency is the key to an honest approach to life. Not to forget biased nature of the blogger not only affects the self but also affects the thinking and mindset of thousands of readers out there. It is a very responsible job which should not be taken lightly at any cost.

Hope this complete beginner blogging guide 2022 will help you to understand how you can easily start with blogging.


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