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How to Solve Irregular Periods Problem Naturally – All You Need to Know

Menstruation or Periods is a vital part of every women’s life. Right after her menarche, she has to pay attention to herself even more regarding her diet, body, and keep herself fit in every aspect so that she does not have to face any trouble regarding her menstrual cycles. A characteristic period cycle is counted from the first day of period bleeding till the first day of the next period bleeding. The average menstrual cycle for a girl or woman is generally 28 days but this is not the same for everyone out there. Periods are still considered regular if they reappear every 24 to 38 days. But periods problem occurs if the time interval between them keeps changing and your period either shows up early or late than the expected date.

What are the reasons for Irregular periods:

Irregular periods are a very common thing, especially among teens. In the first two years after a girl gets her menarche, a lot of things regarding a lifestyle predict the periods. Here are some of the reasons listed below that may be responsible for your irregular periods.

  • Due to some medicines
  • Too much exercise.
  • Low/high body weight than normal levels.
  • Not consuming enough calories.
  • Hormone imbalance

A number of other factors also increase the chances of irregular menstruation such as emotional stress and eating disorders. Periods problem sometimes indicates towards some health issues like PCOS and PCOS.

  • Thyroid disorder can also be the underlying cause for irregular periods as the gland is mainly responsible for the metabolism of the human body.
  • Uterine cancer, commonly known as the cancer of the womb, may also be the reason behind the irregular pattern of periods.
  • PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) is the infection of the female reproductive system. It may also be the underlying reason or cause of your irregular periods so it is better that you consult your doctor at the earliest.

These are some common reasons os periods’ irregularity. But these can be cured easily by taking putting little attention towards your diet, and lifestyle. There are some methods that can tune your menstrual cycle and can make your periods regular.

Read on further and help yourself in being a more fit woman than before or to solve periods problem naturally.

How to solve irregular periods problems naturally:

1. Yoga is Ultimate Key:

Yoga has proven to be an effective medical treatment for menstrual disorders. Yoga also reduces various elements related to a period such as abdominal cramps, mood swings, anxiety issues and has lighted up the life of countless women by eliminating dysmenorrhoea from their lives.

2. keep a check on your weight

Your weight has a big effect on your menstrual cycles. If you are a bit obese or overweight, reducing some weight would surely help in managing your periods. Also, if you are a bit underweight, gaining some weight would help in tuning a menstrual cycle and would better the circumstances for you.

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3. Make ginger a part of your daily life

Ginger is known for ages as a home remedy for curing irregular periods. It is very effective against all kinds of PMS symptoms as well.

4. Have Vitamins Regularly

Studies have proven that taking vitamin D regularly can help with menstrual disorders and are also beneficial for treating menstrual irregularity issues in women with PCOS. Also, B vitamins lower the effect of premenstrual Symptoms. Vitamin is popularly known for regulating menstrual cycles and treating them effectively. This is main thing to add to your diet for the irregular period’s treatment.

5. Cross-Check Your Diet

Eating very little or missing on a balanced diet may interfere with the vital parts of the body such as the pituitary and the hypothalamus. This in turn can affect your periods as these parts release essential hormones during the lifetime of an individual. Thus, having a balanced diet is very important. Taking the right diet full of fiber, protein is a must to solve any problem including irregular period problems.

6. Avoid high fiber diet

Fibers may reduce the levels of

  • Progesterone
  • Oestrogen
  • Luteinizing hormone
  • Follicular stimulating hormone.

These hormones play a vital role in the reproductive phase of the body as well. So, keeping a check on your diet is very important as well.

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7. Include Fats in Your Diet

Having enough fats in the diet will also increase your hormone levels till normal levels. This will further help in regulating the ovulation process of your body. The most common sources of fats are walnuts, flax seeds and vegetable oils. Just include them in your diet and see the drastic changes on the positive side on your body.

8. Include Dietary Supplements

These supplements can regulate your menstrual cycle and also address to your nutritional deficiencies of the body, if any. The point to notice here is that the opinion of your medical practitioner is important here and you should once discuss the matter with them and then include dietary supplements in your diet.


This is all for today for the topic to solve irregular periods problem naturally.  After reading this blog you will have no doubts left regarding this topic. Still, if you Have any further queries left, you can tell us in the comment seciton we will try our best to give you the best possible solution and more knowledge.


Ques1: What foods should I include in my diet for regular periods?

Ans: You can include aloe vera, turmeric, pineapple, papaya, and ginger in your daily diet for regular menstrual cycles.

Ques 2: What foods should I have to get my period early on the expected date?

Ans: You can consume turmeric, black cohosh, Vitamin C to expect your periods early than the predicted date.

Ques 3: What should I eat to regulate my menstrual cycle?

Ans: You should consume jaggery, Vitamin C, coffee, and many amounts of wheat fruits to regulate your menstrual cycles.

Ques 4: What should I include in my diet if I have delayed periods or facing periods problems?

Ans: Consuming unripe papaya and cinnamon will help in decreasing delayed periods and will also help in regulating your menstrual cycles.


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