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How to make Giloy juice at home and know its benefits

With the onset of the deadly covid – 19 wave, most of us turned towards natural ways to improve the immunity of our bodies. Giloy Plant is one of the three Amrit plants. Amrit means the ‘root of immortality. Giloy is one such boon that not only boosts up our immunity but also saves us from deadly diseases. Giloy is basically an Indian indigenous species, which has been a consistent constituent of medications for a long time.

Although there is no data proving its efficacy but giloy has proven to be the best of results since long and people trust it completely leaving no space left for doubt in giloy’s efficiency. Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia), is often used in treating many diseases such as dengue and malaria. It is also used in ayurvedic treatment of arthritis, diabetes, and respiratory problems like cold and throat disorders like tonsils, dry/wet cough, etc.

Giloy juice is the best home remedy and is recommended as a preventive measure.

Key Points

  • Steps for making giloy juice at home
  • Benefits of using giloy
  • Neem with giloy kadha
  • Turmeric giloy kadha

How to Make Giloy juice at home?

  1. Wash the giloy stem
  2. Peel and cut it into small pieces
  3. Crush it using a mortar and pestle
  4. Add some water to it and then place it in a grinder
  5. Strain the blend using a muslin cloth

Our recipe will provide enough giloy juice for one day if you consume it twice. In case, you want to consume Giloy juice only once a day, you can have all the quantities. To prepare this juice for the entire family, you can just double the quantities of ingredients.

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What are the benefits of drinking Giloy juice?

  • Treats severe diseases: It helps in treating several chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes by lowering the blood sugar levels effectively.
  • Betters digestive system: It regulates bowel movement and regulates digestion.
  • Boosts immunity: It is the foremost function of giloy. It provides protection against a wide variety of bacteria and viruses.
  • Face moisturizer: A paste of giloy if applied manually on the face can give the face a natural glow and also nourishes the skin with the various beauty elements present in it.
  • Stress reduction: It reduces the amount of stress produced in the body by releasing certain happy chemicals in the body. Giloy plant is commonly known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and helps reduce respiratory problems like frequent cough, cold, tonsils, etc.
  • Treats arthritis: With the amazing anti-arthritic properties Giloy helps in treating arthritis and other many symptoms. To treat joint pain, one can consume the powder of Giloy with milk. It can also be used along with ginger to treat arthritis problems.

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Types of Giloy juice or kadha:

  • Neem with Giloy kadha:

This is a great immunity booster drink with innumerable benefits for the human body. Constituents of the medical syrup are a bit ginger, about 10 neem leaves, 10 basil leaves, 5 cloves, 6 pepper cloves, and 2 branches of giloy.

According to the recipe, just peel the giloy, chop it into very fine pieces and blend all the ingredients with about 2 glasses of water. Boil the magic potion until its proportion is reduced to half of its initial quantity. Now that neem is added in the giloy kadha, the liquid now has much more potential than it had before. 

  • Turmeric Giloy Kadha: 

The ingredients include 2 medium-sized Giloy branches, with turmeric, ginger, and tulsi leaves. Add everything in 2 cups of water and boil till the proportion is reduced to half of its initial value. The presence of curcumin and gingerol along with several other antioxidants helps in boosting the immunity of your body to sustain virus attacks and other deadly diseases. It is also good for your bowel movement and adding jaggery to this drink will help in relieving constipation and will also improve its taste.

  • Giloy for allergic rhinitis

Giloy is very useful in allergic rhinitis, it works on many allergic symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, nasal and many others. To reduce the temperature, take ½ teaspoon of Giloy powder mix with honey and have this remedy before having your meal. It is also very beneficial for fever, Dengu, Maleria.

In The End…

The conclusion would be, giloy juice is an outstanding remedy for boosting your immune system and fighting against all the deadly diseases out there. Our main motto is to promote natural products and foremost, saving our precious lives. Stay home, stay safe! So, lets prepare Giloy juice at home now and take benefits of it. Also, share if there are more recipiec to make Giloy kadha or juice at home.

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