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How to make amla juice | Know its amazing benefits

Amla juice is extracted from Indian gooseberry or simply what we call “amla”. Amla is said to be the powerhouse of all multiple nutrients. It is said as the powerhouse because it contains various nutrients that are not only essential but vital for the overall well-being of the whole body. Apart from these, it is also proven to prevent some diseases. It is formulated in various forms for consuming or intaking.

The various forms are powdered, liquid, raw, pickle, jams, spreads, and various others too. All these various forms were formulated to provide a variety of tastes for consuming this healthy rich source of vitamin C. Yes, you heard it right one of the Amla benefits is that it is a great source of Vitamin C. Amla benefits also include boosting immunity, prevention from bacterial and viral diseases, enhancing metabolism, and many more. According to various researchers, it has been proven beneficial for fighting against the development of cancer cells. Also as per Ayurveda amla juice is said to bring a state of equilibrium to the body which includes the three doshas known as the Vata, pitta, Kapha.

In this blog, we will be discussing various topics related to amla like Amla juice, such as its benefits, How to make amla juice at home, How you can consume this healthy juice, the method to preserve, side effects,   So let us begin to read about the amazing tour to the world of amla and questionnaires related to it.

Let’s Discuss Various Benefits of Amla juice:

It has a wide number of benefits the list is endless. Still, we have tried to summarize various benefits of amla juice. So let’s see them one by one:-

  • Healthy rich source of vitamin C- Amla is one of the richest sources of vitamin C.Vitamin C boosts immunity and keeps yourself healthy and helps in fighting diseases.
  • Boosting immunity- When immunity is boosted viral diseases are cured very easily and even mouth ulcers and such things also get cured easily. 
  • Prevention from bacterial and viral diseases-  If you take it you will easily treat flu, cough, and cold.
  • Enhancing of metabolism-Consuming amla enhances metabolism thus keeping and regulating every function in the body in a well orderly manner.
  • Fighting against the development of cancer cells- It has polyphenols that are said to fight against developing or budding cancer cells.
  • Bring a state of equilibrium- As per Ayurveda amla juice is also said to bring a state of equilibrium to the body which includes the three doshas known as the Vata, pitta, Kapha.
  • Regulates cholesterol- Amino acids and various antioxidants help in regulating cholesterol. This indeed helps the body to stay stronger and healthy. Thus lowering cholesterol is another benefit of amla juice or consuming amla.
  • Treatment of respiratory ailments- A wide range of respiratory ailments is treated because amla has alkaline nature which when consumed helps in clearing the respiratory system.
  • Supports liver functions- Amla keeps the liver clean and healthy.
  • Smooth and shiny Hair- With the abundance of various vital minerals and vitamins amla smoothens the hair and keeps them shiner. Amino acids and protein are present in very good amounts thus preventing hair-related issues like hair fall, promotes growth, Fortifies roots, etc.
  • Source of calcium, iron,phosphorus-Amla juice’s other benefit is that it is a great source of calcium, phosphorous, and various such vitamins and nutrients so one can easily make it a nutritional drink.
  • Removes pigmentation and blemishes-Amla juice helps in curing pigmentation, blemishes and oxidizes melanin, and also closes pores.
  • Strengths digestive system-Amla juice also clears the digestive system and maintains its regular functioning.
  • Manages diabetes-Diabetes management is yet another benefit of amla juice.

So these were all about the various benefits. Now let us move on to the next topics.

How to make amla juice?

To make fresh and healthy amla juice at home follow the below-mentioned steps as mentioned below:-

#Step1: Take fresh amla to wash them and grate them finely. Discard the seeds properly.

#Step 2: Blend the grated part of amla with water till it turns out like a paste.

#Step 3: Strain the juice properly.

#Step 4: Add sugar, honey,  salt, etc as per your taste.

#Step 5: Serve it in a glass and add ice cubes as per your taste.

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How you can take amla juice?

Intake of amla juice can be very well decided by yourself or you may get it prescribed by your medicinal practitioners. The various guidelines for taking this juice are as follows:-

Half a cup of the juice can be taken with water early morning

One can also consume it twice a day.

Methods to preserve amla juice?

Preservation of amla is not a hectic or tedious process rather it’s more concerned with the precautions one follows while preparing the juice.

Some of the precautions are as enlisted below:-

  • Wash and dry the amla properly
  • Prepare the juice in a mixer grinder or juicer
  • Strain the juice well with the help of a muslin cloth
  • Pour the juice in a big tray or jar and refrigerate

What can be the side effects of taking amla juice?

Intake of amla may not be well suited for every individual. Similar to individuals you may develop various adverse effects. Here we have listed a few of them for your knowledge:-

  1. Increase risk of bleeding
  2. A sudden drop in blood sugar levels
  3. it isis risky to consume amla after surgery
  4. Dryness of skin
  5. Coughing problems

What happens when you Drinking amla juice at night and Amla juice on an empty stomach?

Amla juice intake at night can be a great idea as in that case, it helps in detoxifying the ill effects of junk or fast food that you consume whereas if you take it on an empty stomach it aids in digestion and helps in maintaining clear skin,  healthy hair rounded eyesight.

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Bottom Line…

Indian gooseberry or amla is a great source of Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin that acts as an antioxidant, and many more. I hope this article will help you solve many of your health issues related to organs, skin, hair, metabolic processes.

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