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What is Giloy Plant – Learn How to Identify Giloy Plant

Amidst the deadliest pandemic of the age, we citizens are left with nothing but only our immunity as a primary defense mechanism. In Ayurvedic texts, Giloy is considered one of the best remedies for various types of health issues. In this blog, we will give you detailed information about What is Giloy plant is, How to grow the Giloy plant and detailed information about its usage and benefits.

Giloy plant is one of the three Amrit plants, known for ages for the betterment of mankind. Hence, it is also called Amrita in Sanskrit.

What is Giloy Plant?

Giloy plant is one such boon that saves us from many diseases and works like a magical herb. It is actually an Indian indigenous species, which has been a consistent constituent of medications and ayurvedic syrup for ages. Although there is no data proving its efficacy but Giloy has proven to show the best of results for long. People trust it completely leaving no space left for doubt in Giloy’s efficiency. Giloy ( Tinospora Cordifolia) is often used in treating many deadly diseases such as dengue and malaria.

Giloy plant is also used in the ayurvedic treatment of arthritis and diabetes and many respiratory problems like cold and throat disorders like tonsils, dry/wet cough, etc. It can be used in form of Juice, powder.

How to Identify Giloy Plant?

Giloy is actually a heart left moonseed, with the common name as Gurjo. It is a herbaceous vine. It is a large, extensively spreading, and climbing Vine with elongated branches. Simple and alternate leaves with almost 15 cm long petioles can easily be spotted. Broad laminar and red fruits are the characteristic features of the giloy plant.

What is the Importance of Giloy?

Giloy is an evergreen remedy. It detoxifies our body to the core, purify the body and fights bacteria and virus present in it. It is very beneficial for people with liver diseases due to its special benefits for the human liver. By nature, it is antipyretic and hence it reduces the effect of various fevers and deadly ailments. The stem of the Giloy plant is highly beneficial in nature due to its richness in alkaloids, glucosides, and other healthy organic compounds. Giloy plant provides efficient protection against diabetes and cancer. it is a strong immunity booster, detoxifies the body, and is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in nature.

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Step by Step Guice on – How to Grow Giloy Plant at Home & Precautions while Using Giloy

If you are also infatuated with the innumerable benefits of giloy plant and want to grow it at home, here are some of the easy steps to help you with the task. The basic requirements would be a clay pot, some garden soil, 5-6 giloy seeds, and some water.

Step #1: Get those Giloy seeds and Soak them in water for some amount of time.

Step #2: Take the pot and fill it with soil to the top. Make sure that the pot has a hole at the bottom surface.

Step #3: Now, add the seed into the soil and mix properly.  The basic precaution would be to keep the seeds around the surface and not too deep into the pot.

Step #4:  pour a little amount of water slowly till the time the soil turns moist.

Step #5: Use proper sunlight area to keep it and take care of it like your child. Don’t forget to water it daily and you will see the initial growth of your own healthy Giloy plant is around 2 weeks. Keep your plant in indirect sunlight and water it frequently in the initial days. After a few weeks, you will see the magical growth of your giloy plant.


Giloy may trigger the immune system at its best to become much more active than before which could further increase the symptoms of certain autoimmune diseases. Therefore, it is strictly advisable to avoid the use of Giloy if you are suffering from any type of autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus).

Know about the Usage of Giloy Plant

Giloy leaves are very beneficial for an individual’s health. you can chew fresh leaves of Giloy preferably in the morning for improving general health as well as to manage arthritis. You can also consume Giloy juice for various benefits like it helps to flush out toxins from the body. Furthermore, the consumption of a medicated liquid made from boiling Giloy leaves helps to manage several deadly ailments like gout, fever, and indigestion.

What are the benefits of Giloy Plants?

  1. Beneficial for chronic fever, dengue fever
  2. It is the topmost priority for curing hay fever
  3. Giloy is very effective against coronavirus infection
  4. It controls blood sugar levels efficiently
  5. Good for boosts immunity
  6. It improves digestion
  7. Reduces stress and anxiety effectively
  8. It treats arthritis and gouts
  9. It improves eyesight

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In the End…

The final statement for this article would be that Giloy is undoubtedly the best home remedy one can have for various ailments discussed above. The leaves, stem as well as roots of this plant are beneficial for human health in many ways and can be consumed as per the quantity stated.


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