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How to vote #india

Jungle Raj has over now, Vote is a universal right, practiced in almost all of the countries of the world. Voting allows one to express their opinions and ideas and elect their preferred representative. A vote is something that can either break or build a government, especially in a country like India, one of the largest democracies in the world, where rule of people prevails, and the government is elected by the people. So let’s have a look at all edges of this process and how this process prevails in reference to vote #India.

Who can give a vote in India?

As per citizenship act, under 15 amendments all citizens irrespective of their colour, race etc., have the right to Vote online in India election. However there are some guidelines and rules issued by the Election commission of India for eligibility of voters.

The condition follows:

  • Every citizen who wants to cast a vote needs to be of
  • One needs to be enrolled only at an ordinary place of residence.
  • Enrollment can’t happen at more than one place.
  • Citizens residing overseas are the ordinary residents of the place mentioned in the passport.
  • Service voters are ordinary residents of the place mentioned in their home address.

Types of election in India

  • Parliament ( lok sabha and rajya sabha).
  • State legislative assembly.
  • State legislative council.
  • Member of local government.

By Election: These election are held when leader of a particular constituency

  • Dies
  • Resigns
  • Or is disqualified


 Every citizen of 18 year of age has the right to vote for MPs and MLAs. One also has the right to vote for municipalities, municipal corporations and panchayati raj.

Earlier the age to vote was 21 years however the age was reduced to 18 by amendments in the constitution.

Note: Election commission is the federal constitution body , the whole voting process is examined by it. It was framed to ensure a free, fair process.

How to give a vote in India?

First you will be assigned polling booths as per your constituency then you have to follow the following process.

  • The officer in charge at the polling booth will check your Id proof and your name on the voter list.
  • Your finger will be inked by the officer incharge and your signature will be taken on a register.
  • Then you will be given a slip for the voting timing.
  • The slip had to be given to a third polling official, where you will show your inked finger and then proceed towards the polling booth.
  • Register your vote on the EVM by clicking on the ballot button opposite the symbol of the candidate of your choice.
  • You can confirm your vote via a slip that appears in a transparent window, the slip with all the voting details like candidate name, symbol etc .will be visible for seven seconds.
  • Also there is an option of NOTA ( none of the above) on the evm if you don’t feel like voting.
  • Also devices like mobile phones, cameras etc., are prohibited under polling booths.

How to register to vote in India?

Now, everyone needs to know the process of registration for giving vote.


  1. Citizenship of India is a must for applicants.
  2. The applicant must be 18 year of age .
  3. Resident of the constituency from where the applicant is applying to get enrolled.

Forms needed to be filled for the registration process:

  • New applicants and those who wish to change their constituency are required to fill Form 6.
  • NRIs are needed to fill form 6A.
  • If you want to make changes in the information regarding the electoral roll, they can fill form 7.
  • For changing details like Name, photo, Age, Address, DOB, etc one need to fill form 8 .

Documents required

  •     DOB proof
  •     Address proof

Procedure for online registration

To register online one needs to fill form 6. The form is available on the NVSP website.

After this the form needs to be submitted to the

ERO(Electoral Registration office).

After the verification process is done your name will be added to the voter list.

If you want to confirm the registration you can check on the election commission website.

Offline registration

  • One needs to fill form 6 which is easily available on the BLO( booth level officer).
  • After filling the form you need to submit it along with aadhaar card , birth and graduation certificate, and also two passport size photographs.
  • Also the photocopy of the voter id of a family member needs to be attached with the form of member then you can go with your neighbour.
  • After the documentation process, your documents will be verified and after verification your voter id card will be issued.

Who cannot give a vote?

Ones who are declared unstable to vote by the law of the country.

Those who are denied due to corrupt activities or found doing illicit activities in  the election process.

One needs to be a citizen of india.


So a vote can change and create history. It’s a right which everyone should be given . It is a right that allows one to express their thoughts and be in forefront for their country.

India had already Excel in this field by creating a tremendous example worldwide, most fair election so every citizen should try to vote even if they can opt for NOTA if they don’t have a preferable candidate.

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Ques 1. How are votes counted?

Ans. The voting process #India is fair from all illegal activities. The votes are counted using EVM.

Ques 2. Can NRI participate in the voting process?

Ans. No, the NRI cannot however there is one exception if they are Indian citizens working under the government of India and are posted overseas.

Ques 3. Are criminals allowed to vote in India?

Ans. No prisoners can’t vote in India. They are strictly prohibited to cast a vote under Section 62(5).

#We can change the world just by a vote So, don’t give away your future.

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