How to Get Jio Puk Code to Unlock Your Jio Phone | Know Methods

Stuck with your jio phone with the PUK code mess? Here is a solution for the tedious problem!

A personal unlocking code, commonly known as a PUK code, is usually used in 3 GPP mobile phones to reset the personal identification number (PIN) that has been damaged or lost due to an unknown reason. Let’s understand in detail about the PUK code and methods to get PUK code to unlock your JIO phone.

What is Jio PUK Code?

The Jio PUK code the type of watchguard that is required to prevent the misuse of your personal sim card. It is an alphabetic code with eight alphabets. Hitesh also sent by the Reliance jio company itself and no other institution can send it to you.

The code always comes with a 4 digit secret PIN code that is used to upgrade the security levels of your sim card against fraudsters and also protects your sim card against unauthorised access. It can be changed easily by you. You can easily modify the code that was once set according to the default settings of the company.

Significance of PUK code

The basic use of PUK code is for security purposes for the user  SIM card. To protect the SIM card against malicious activities of the fraudsters to gain unauthorized access to your sim card for taking part in unethical activities using your personal details. If someone enters the pin code in the wrong sequence, the device will ask for the PUK code photo sim card. Further, if the PUK code is entered incorrectly 10 times, the SIM card will be blocked forever. The only option left at this point of time, would be to replace the SIM card and nothing else.

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Methods to get Jio Puk Code to Unlock your Phone:

Method #1:

The first step would be to call the toll-free number of the Reliance jio company, that is, 1800 889 9999, and the automated voice will start speaking to you the moment the call connects. At first, it would request you to choose the language of your understanding. Now you need to follow the further instructions given by the automated voice and request for the PUK code of your sim card while talking to the Reliance jio customer care executive.

The representative will first verify you and your sim card details thoroughly, but You need to provide the details to them without any hesitation as it is a part of the procedure. Finally, you will be provided with the PUK code of your sim card after verification. You just need to enter this code into your device and unlock your sim card once again! Just a pro tip, you can turn off the PUK code settings in the security settings of your phone.

Method #2:

Also, you can receive your PUK code on the online platform too. That is an even easier method to gain access to your PUK code of your sim card. To do so, you just need to send an email to the Reliance jio customer care, that is, Subsequently, you will get an email on your personal email ID for verification purposes. After that, you will be directed to receive the verification code, after verification, you will be sent the PUK code of your sim card. With all this procedure you can you can easily unlock your sim card once again.

In The END…

The bottom line for this article would be that this is detailed information about how to get Jio Puk code, what exactly is PUK code? After reading this blog, there would be no doubts and questions left regarding the topic PUK code and jio mobiles.

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