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How to get BSNL PUK code online?

Many of us nowadays are phone addictive and used to lock our phone for our privacy. But, sometimes we got stuck in such a situation where our sim card or phone can get blocked. This situation happens when we entered wrong pin more than 3 to 4 times. This situation can be irritating and frustrating. For some security reasons after entering wrong pin many times our sim card will get locked by sim company. This is good to keep our data secure. It save us from any hacker attack. Suppose anyone else is using your phone and tries to steal your data then entering the wrong pin may lock your phone and sim to protect your data. Now, the main question is how we can solve this issue. Every company provides a PUK code to unlock our sim card in case of emergency.

In this article, we get complete detail about what is PUK code? Why it is important and how to get BSNL PUK code online?

What is PUK code?

BSNL Puk Code or Personal unlocking key code is basically a security feature of the phones, that is unique for every BSNL sim. It normally contains 4-8 digits. Only by using a PUK code, can you unlock your BSNL sim. In this article, we will discuss the different methods to unlock your bsnl sim. Every SIM cars provider company has the information of PUK code of each sim and same as with BSNL they also provide an PUK Code to unlock your sim card.

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What is the default BSNL PUK Code?

Usually the default code is “0000” for both “prepaid and postpaid” customers. Everyone change their default PUK code to the new one as it reduce the chances of stolen any SIM card data.

Your telecom service provides can help you to obtain the default puk code and the same procedure you can follow for other private operators such as Jio PUK Code, Airtel PUK code etc.

Methods to Get BSNL Puk Code:

#Method 1 – Contact to Customer Care 

Dial the BSNL customer care number, but remember as your sim is locked you have to make a call from another BSNL number. After connecting with the team, they will verify your details first such as father name, mothers name, your DOB. After verification, they will ask you 19 digit SIM number to provide you the BSNL PUK code. After that, they will send you a text message with your PUK code that will help you to unlock your BSNL sim card.

#Method 2 – Visit Customer Service Center

Search on the google for any nearby store of BSNL Customer care. After that, visit their store tell them your problem and ask for the PUK code. They will ask for your SIM card number or anything else, give them the details and get your PUK code.By using this code you can easily unlock your blocked BSNL sim.

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#Method 3 – By Sending SMS

If none of the above method works, you do not need to worry try this one. They provide an SMS service and provide their tool free number to send sms. To receive the PUK code to unlock your BSNL sim you can get through sms, just write the message PUK < 19 digit SIM number > and send it to 123 or 53733. You will receive a text message that will contain your PUK code, using which, you can easily unlock your BSNL sim. This service will be toll-free if you use a BSNL SIM to send the text message. But if you use any other sim operator,  normal SMS taxes will be applicable.

#Method 4 – Use IVR Service

Call 1503 from another BSNL device. Follow the instructions given to you by the IVR service. In a while, you will be connected to a BSNL customer care executive. Answer all of their questions with precision and they will provide you with the PUK code of your own BSNL sim. A point to note here is that, you get only 10 chances to fill in the correct PUK code. If you fail 10 Times, to enter the correct PUK code, your sim card will be blocked forever and you will never be able to gain access to the data stored in the SIM card. You are now left with no option other than replacing the SIM card with the new one. 

Gather the relevant information that BSNL executives will request for verification before placing any calls to the BSNL support centre.

  • Written on the back of the SIM card is a 15-digit SIM number.
  • SIM Card Holder Name and Address

Now, adhere to the guidelines below.

Step 1: From a different BSNL SIM phone, dial 1503.

Step 2: Listen to the IVRS system, then choose the BSNL PUK Code option that applies to you.

Step 3: The executive will get in touch with you after you choose the PUK option.

Step 4: Request the personal unlocking key code for your blocked BSNL SIM card so that you can block your phone number.

Responding to customer service inquiries is step five.

Step 6: Use the BSNL personal unlocking key code you receive after verification to unlock the BSNL SIM that has been locked.

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Is It Possible To Get BSNL Puk Code Online?

You can search for your PUK code there if you have a network provider online account (most offer this service). Look for a PUK code section on the account page of your mobile phone on your computer.

PUK cannot be reset or altered by users; it is required to unlock the SIM PIN. Your phone will request PUK if you repeatedly entered the incorrect PIN and locked your SIM. If this occurs, contact your cell network provider and request the PUK code.


So these are all the steps associated with the BSNL personal unlocking key code. All of these methods are very easy to use and are written in a user-friendly format keeping in mind the comfort zone of the user. If you still have any doubts left you can contact us anytime and we will be back with another interesting article and the answer to your question as soon as possible. If you have certain questions in mind you can tell us in the comment section, we will provide the best solution.


Ques 1. What is the use of 8 digit PUK code?
Ans. In case of entering the wrong pin your sim card may get locked and PUK code helps to unlock your locked SIM card.

Ques 2

. How can I unlock my BSNL SIM number?
Ans. You can call customer care, use IVRF, nearby customer care office to get PUK code. Just by entering the PUK code your sim card will get activate again.

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