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How to Earn Money Online – Different Ways of Earning

In this COVID id struck era, everything and everyone shifted to the virtual internet world. With this sudden rise in digitalization new opportunities to earn money online has increased. Previously, many online jobs or work that either did not exist already and if they did, they were not so accessible or well known, or even welcomed by a majority of users. The online age brought to light a wide array of opportunities for youngsters, house wives, and extra earning sources for job persons. The jobs hours and earnings here varied from work to work, and provided something or the other for everyone looking. With many opportunities available even without investment, online earning options have become a viable option for both homemakers as well as students, to make money in their spare hours. So, In this blog we will discuss about the different ways of earn more money.

Ways to earn money online:

 Let’s discuss

1. Freelancing

One of the most famous career options since before the pandemic that only grew further post digitalization is freelancing. Freelancers are people who work for other people or enterprises, without being permanent workers of the same. Freelancers get paid on the basis of work rather than the regular monthly pays salaried employees get. Famous freelancing jobs include writing, programming, editing, copywriting, designing, video making etc., which can be found on websites like UpWork, PeoplePerHour, Kool Kanya etc. Freelancing jobs give a comfort to the worker as they can set deadlines as per their schedules and work accordingly. But cons of freelancing include lack of surety of regular income and also lack of benefits that come with full time jobs. 

2. Content Writing

Content is king and content presents a company in front of their customers, competitors. Demand of content writers is increasing worldwide, content is not limited only with blog or article, content is present nowadays in every form. Also, one advantage is it not limited only with English language, people are looking to hire the writers who can write Hindi, Punjabi and many other languages.  Best things about writing work is you can easily find freelancing content writing work to earn money online. If you have interest in writing you can start your own blog, can wire a book, video scripts etc., Companies hire workers/interns to do the content marketing for their websites, socials, products. It is  an exciting job opportunity for people who can write well and have some free time. Content writing assignments can range from writing captions for their Instagram posts to writing 5000 word essays for their editorials. 

Earning depends on your experience, company budget it can be 30 paisa per word, 40 PPW, or can be 1 Rupee per word as per the niche.

3. Data Entry

Many people have good typing speed and the best part is that you can find a job in this field as well. Data entry, as the name suggests, is a clerical job that requires a person to fill in data. This is an easy to do job if you can write fast and can write well. The data can be filled in computers by typing, recording audio, or other such means. The people who enter the data, frequently known as data entry operators, are commonly required in industries like retail, healthcare, finance, transportation etc. 

4. Blogging

Blogging one of the profession that can help you to grow with time. If you have interest in any niche and have good writing skills, blogging is something you should choose. Starting a blog is not a rocket science, it just need your time, efforts, patience, and learning capability.  There are many videos available on Youtube from where you can learn how to start with blogging and can go work on your skills.

Blogging provide you endless opportunities to earn money online like you can start affiliate marketing on your own blog, can start guest blogging, promotion, adsense, video making and so on. So, why to wait too long check blogging guide and start earning.

5. NFT Gaming

Most exciting and popular earning scope nowadays is NFT gaming. People are earning lots and lots of money while playing games. It is known as “play to earn” in which you have to play games with NFT and you will get some reward in form of cryptocurrency.

Play to earn, literally means games where players lay the games to earn. As the players move onwards in these games, they earn the game’s tokens which can also be converted to real money by trading within the game. Play to earn games are quite hyped up right now and the scope of growth as well as earnings is also tremendous. This is also known as “Crypto Gaming”. But before starting earning you have to invest some money to buy the NFT’s and you have to do complete research about the game investors, when the game launched, NFT price, marketplace and so on.

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6. Vlogging

Influencers are earning lots of money and teach us we can also start in this field. If you have good in speaking, can face camera and good at interacting with people don’s miss out the opportunity of Vlogging. If you have interest in technical things, travelling, motivational speech or it can be anything you can start. If you have the ability to interact with audience you can grow faster. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and many other social platforms are here that provides opportunity to grow. Start with short videos, practice in front of camera or mirror and face the world with full of confidence.

Brands pay influencers to advertise their products in their Instagram stories or posts or even youtube videos, for which influencers charge ranging from INR 1000 for a story to INR 1 crore for a post.

7. Online Tutoring

In case you have expertise in a subject, or feel that you can teach some concepts very well, online tutoring is the right option for you. Not a particular subject you can also teach Hindi, English or any other language to someone.  With a pay range of INR 200-500 per hour, it’s a good earning option. Many websites like coursera and udemy employ online tutors. To start, websites conduct either trial sessions or ask tutors to submit video lectures on a particular topic. Once approved, tutors get onboarding mails and can start teaching with the site, as either live lectures or recorded videos. All you need is knowledge, time, smartphone and internet and no other investments.

8. Earning scope for students online

New technologies and social media platforms bring up a number of options for students in India to earn money from online. Online shops and thrift stores are very trendy right now. Students can sell all kinds of commodities online and the investment required is not also very huge. Many of the above stated jobs are also very viable for students, with low or no investments. 

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Above mentioned some of the popular ways to earn money online. There are many ways but all ways just need a quick start. If you have fear of failure just build trust on yourself you will get a way to earn money.


Ques 1. How can I make money online instantly?

Ans. One of the easiest ways of making money online instantly is by filling survey on sites like survey junkie etc

Ques 2. How can you make a Rs 1000 every day

Ans. There are many ways below menitioned few easiest ways to earn Rs. 1000 every day.

  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Adsense
  • Content Writing
  • Data Entry

Ques 3. How do we get money from YouTube?

Ans. You can earn money from youTube if you have more than 1000 subscribers and your videos get high views. It will take some time, but you will start earning a handsome amount soon.

Ques 4. Are there any online earning app?

Ans. We are in digital world and there are many apps that can gives you oppritunity to earn with commenting, promoting etc.

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