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How to do Hair Spa at Home | Complete Guide & Amazing Benefits

Every single day whenever you step out of your house, out of your comfort zone, you cover your face and body with a cloth to protect them against the external Harsh conditions such as dirt, dust, pollution, pollen, etc. But have you ever given a thought about your hair? How do they manage in that external environment? And not just the external damage, your hair also has to go through periodic repercussions like hair drying, hair curling, hair coloring, and lots more. This is the problem where hair spa comes into the solution.

Your daily use shampoo conditioner duo is also not enough to bring back the long-lost moisture and nourishment of your hair. If you are wondering about an auction or a way through which you could better the health and condition of your hair, then hair spa is a perfect choice!

Now, let’s discuss in detail what is hair spa is, its benefits, and much more in this guide.

Key Points:

  • What is Hair Spa?
  • Guide to do Hair Spa at Home?
  • Benefits of Hair Spa?
  • Conclusion

What is Hair Spa?

The first question which arises in our mind after reading the topic is ‘what exactly is hair spa?’ the answer to the simple question would be, hair spa is an easy procedure that betters the condition of your dull and tangled hair and changes them into absolutely glossy, beautiful, and lustrous hair that match your elegant personality. Hair spa transforms your hair into the type that you had only witnessed in dreams. The procedure is full of benefits. It not only nourishes your hair but also hydrates them to the core which results in better growth and reduced hair problems like dandruff, split ends, dryness, and lots more.

Hair spa brings back the luster and quality of your hair by restoring all the vital oils and minerals essential in the upbringing of healthy hair. The process de-stresses your hair in the most effective way possible. It reduces the thinning of hair, which is actually the biggest problem which not only women but men also deal with nowadays.

Market rates for hair problems are usually high in parlours which basically depend upon the length of your hair. As the length of your hair increase, so does the duration of the process as long hair are a matter of responsibility, both for the person as well as the beautician involved. For hair length up to shoulders, the cost of this procedure would be rupees 699 and the duration of the procedure would be about 45 minutes. If your hair length is up to the waist, it would be a total of rupees 1045 and the duration would extend up to 60 minutes.

And finally, if your hair length extends below the waist, you will have to spend a total of rupees 1299, and the procedure would take approximately 75 minutes for complete. Instead of paying such high amounts, let us introduce you to the method and process of doing the hair spa process at home, and say hello to glamorous hair in a jiffy right at your home.

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Complete Guide to do hair spa at home:

Let’s move forward to know about the steps required to start with the procedure of hair spa.

Step #1: shampooing of hair

The first step in the process of hair spa is the shampooing of your hair. The process includes washing your hair with a mild shampoo. Massage your scalp gently and cleanse off all the impurities. This step has its importance because the scalp needs to get rid of impurities. The scalp should be cleansed very well so that it can imbibe all the nutrients, minerals, and vital oils with ease. A sulfate-free shampoo would be suited the best for this procedure.

Step #2: Application of a hair mask

Once your hair gets cleansed, apply a nice hair mask to your hair and leave it for ample amount of time. The Mask removes the flakes and dryness of your scalp and nourishes your hair follicles, ensuring the growth of healthy happy hair in future. It also controls the frizziness of your hair and also works upon in reducing it.

Step #3: Massage your scalp.

Massaging the scalp results in increased blood flow to the hair follicles, increasing the overall health of your hair. The increased blood flow also results in greater absorption and imbibement of the nutrients and vital oils applied on your scalp during the procedure.

Step #4: Steaming the scalp.

After massaging the scalp, the next vital step is steaming of the scalp. With the steam focused on to your hair, the pose of your scalp open up, which boost the absorption of minerals applied on your scalp during the procedure.

Step #5: Rinse off.

The last and final step of the procedure is rinsing of the scalp to get rid of the chemicals applied and hair is washed thoroughly during the step.

Now let us have a look at the various benefits of hair spa

#1 Strengths root hairs and hair follicles

Hair spa is the ultimate procedure that ensures the healthy development of hair. This procedure stimulates hair follicles which in turn are responsible for the growth of healthy hair.

#2 Controls oil production in the scalp

Hair spa is the perfect procedure that helps in the building of healthy hair naturally. It limits the production of oil on your scalp which father controls the downfall of your hair. Less oil production means less stickiness and fewer hair problems.

#3 Betters blood circulation in the scalp

With better blood flow comes better growth conditions for the hair resulting in flawless hair. Hair spa is a unique way of relaxing your scalp and giving rise to good hair.

#4 Repair damaged and frizzy hair

Spa is basically the treatment for frizzy and also for lots of hair problems. It is the only unique solution for all hair problems.

In The End…

The bottom line for this article would be hair spa is the ultimate treatment for dull, damaged, and frizzy hair. Hair spa can be done at home very easily without going to the market any outdoor place in these tough times of the pandemic. In this blog, you can follow the complete guide to give you an understanding about hair spa, steps to do at home. Hope this guide helps you to care for your hair like a queen.


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