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How to do Hair Smoothening at Home | All You Need to Know

There are innumerable ways to fix your wavy and frizzy hair than just rushing to the salon every time you need to go somewhere formal. Once you try out a session of hair smoothening, you will be bedazzled at the effect it creates over your dull and dusky hair. It will smooth all your frizzy and wavy tresses. Hair smoothening is always preferred over hair straightening due to lesser damage to hair and the use of lesser toxic chemicals.

Important Things to Know About Hair Smoothening

During the process of hair smoothening, hair are saturated with a formaldehyde solution, then dried and pressed using a flat iron. This process refills protein into the strands of your hair and also improve their texture and appearance. The keratin treatment for smoothening is a relatively gentler and safer method to be carried out at home.

Material required for hair smoothening:

  1. keratin solution
  2. Blow dryer
  3. A gentle shampoo
  4. Hair mask
  5. Wide teeth comb
  6. A flat iron

These are few things that are required before starting hair smoothening process at home.

Steps to start Hair Smoothening Process:

  1. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo not containing a lot of chemicals
  2. Now, Blow-dry your hair
  3. Divide your hair in two parts
  4. Take the keratin solution and apply it to your hair in all parts
  5. Use a coarse-toothed to spread the keratin solution on your hair equally
  6. Leave it for around 20 minutes
  7. Apply a gentle hair mask and leave for 15 minutes
  8. Cover your head with a shower cap
  9. Rinse off your hair and blow-dry again
  10. Don’t use too much hot or too much cold water
  11. Rinse off finally and blow dry and flat iron your hair

Common mistakes to avoid while do hair smoothening naturally

  • Never use a flat iron on your wet hair. Use it only after removing every single drop of moisture from your hair. This may result in loss of natural strength of hair.
  • Use the flat iron with ambient temperature conditions on your hair. Using it at extremely high temperatures may damage your hair and even ruin them permanently. This permanent damage is beyond repair sometimes.
    One needs to be very cautious while using flat iron.
  • Use heat protectant cosmetics to minimize the effect of heat on your hair. The heat damage may be very harmful for hair. Using heat protectant cosmetics will minimize the toxic effect of heat on your hair.

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Benefits of doing Hair Smoothening naturally:

    • Good Result for Long Time: After your hair smoothening session, your hair gain the protein intake intend to look naturally gentle and become even more manageable than before. Now your hair become hassle-free and you don’t have to spend your time and energy over them unnecessarily.
    • keratin treatment ushers’ new life into dull hair: Keratin treatment induces new life into your dull here. Your hair are now strong and beautiful than before that they draw attention towards themselves and they
      become muscular and pretty at the same time.
    • Don’t need any external hair products: Now you don’t have to spend any extra amount of money on your hair for some basic looks. Hair smoothing does it all. Your hair silky as well as strong at the same instant. Now you realize that your hair fall has also reduced significantly and the quality of your hair has improved drastically. Thanks to the process called hair smoothening.
    • Your hair tend to tangle less: After your session of hair smoothening you realize that your hair does not angle less which results in less hair fall and split ends. Smoothening solves so many problems at the same instant. It can be used to increase the volume of your hair, to reduce hair fall, to increase the  potential factor of your hair, to improve the quality and appearance of your hair and lots more.


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Things to remember after done with the hair smoothening process:

    1. Do not tuck or pleat your hair in any way almost till 3 to 4 days after the hair smoothening session. Doing so will result in decreased gloss and shine to your hair and increased hair problems.
    2. Do not wash your hair up 2-3 days after your hair smoothening session. Washing of your hair will result in loss of Nourishment from the solution. Hence, delay your hair washing schedule for a while after your smoothening being done.
    3. Do not oil your hair for almost 15 days. Oiling your hair may result in a combination of oil as well as the formaldehyde solution which is not fit for your hair especially for the sensitive types.
    4. Use a mild conditioner after every wash to retain the quality of your tresses. A good conditioner will make sure that your smoothening lasts for a good period of time and the quality of your hair does not get hindered.

In The End…

These are the few things to follow to keep your hair safe from any problems. So, this complete guide will help you to do hair smoothening easily at home without any harm or hair problems.


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