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How Much Salman Khan Charged to Host Bigg Boss Show

Bigg Boss season’s amazingly popular show originated basically in India. It has a massive fan following in India as well as in foreign countries. It has a total of 14 successful seasons presently and big boss season 15 is also in news. Salman Khan is the highest-paid Bigg Boss host to the present date. Salman Khan Big Boss salary is at its all-time high as compared to previous Times.

Over time, Salman Khan’s remuneration as Bigg Boss host has been a matter of much speculation and interest among the audience. Neither he himself nor the channel has ever confirmed how much the actor is paid hosting the Bigg Boss show. When it was reported in many news that Salman Khan getting a total of Rs 11 crore per episode for the 11th season of Bigg Boss, he clarified in a media press conference, “Please make Raj (Nayak, Endemol COO) pay me that amount.”

Salman Khan Big Boss Season 14 Fees (2020)

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After the initiation of season 14, according to reports, it was confirmed that the superstar icon was paid rupees 2.5 crores per episode from season 4 to season 6.  Big Boss Salary of Salman Khan has touched new heights after the success of the show. His pay was doubled, that is, rupees 5 crores per episode for season 7 of the incredible show. For season 13 of the same show, he received rupees 13 crores per week. According to certain reports, he charged rupees 20 crores per episode for season 14 of the Big Boss salary. His team finally wrapped up the deal at rupees 450 crores after negotiation. Over the years, Salman Khan has gained much fame along with the show and even the channel has benefited from the same.

If all the rumors are true about his income from Bigg Boss then it takes him to the list of the highest-paid actors in the world. For instance, the world’s highest-paid television actors – Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar, and Simon Helberg of The Big Bang Theory – make $900,000 per episode (Rs 5.75 crore). And if we talk about Salman khan here, regarding Bigg Boss remuneration and his agendas regarding the show, we actually get to know that he is already one of the highest-paid actors in the world!

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Salman Khan Charge for Big Boss Till 2020

After one of the seasons was unexpectedly extended by a couple of weeks, colors TV somehow convinced Salman Khan to continue with the show with a charge of rupees 2 crores extra per episode of the show. Salman Khan was not much interested in the ongoing progression of the show due to prior appointments and his own commitments like the post-production chores office franchise film Dabangg 2, and the initiation of the shooting of the film Radhe.

The report also clarified that Salman Khan got his hands on a clear deal of rupees 450 crores with the makers of the show for hosting season 14 of the Big Boss show. The producers are willing to pay even higher remunerations as they believe Salman Khan is the sole reason behind the huge amount of TRP of the show. After all, the ‘bharat’ star is an indispensable part of the glorifying show.

In The End…

The bottom line for this article would be that Salman Khan is one of the highest paid actors in the world and has gained a lot of fame and success from the big boss show. Salman Khan Bigg Boss salary is so high and its interesting to know how much Salman Khan will charge to host big boss season 15. He also keeps the show at the peak of success and the show has a massive fan following too! He is very popular and not gained success from this show this show is successful because of him.


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