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Free Keyword Research Tools To Find Right Keywords For Your Blog

You’ll want to use a keyword research tool. Before you choose the best keyword research tool for your blog or website, you’ll consider a number of factors such as keywords volume, keywords difficulty etc., All this data can be easily extracted from the tools like PPC keyword tools and SEO keyword tools, long-tail and wide keywords, tools with suggestions, tools with SERP, and site and competition evaluations. But we all consider one factor about pricing of tool and usually check: is it free forever? is it charged? or is it paid but more than you need? So, let us assist you in locating the greatest keyword research tools that fit your requirements. And, surprise, surprise, surprise! The biggest problem will be money, so we’ll point you in the direction of several fantastic free keyword research tools.

What is Keyword Research & Why it is Important?

The technique of analyzing popular search terms that people use in search engines like Google and strategically inserting them into your content so that it ranks higher on a search engine results page (SERP) is known as keyword research & keywords optimization. Keyword research is a necessary step in search engine optimization (SEO).

Best Keyword Research Tools

1. Google Keyword Planner-

When you add one or more keywords into Google’s Keyword Planner, you’ll see the following data for the phrases you entered, as well as comparable terms: average monthly searches, search patterns during the last 30 days, three months, and a year, as well as competition (low, medium, high). 

The refine keywords tool, which has been in beta since 2020, allows you to refine your search results by specific term properties. You’ll also see your ad impression share for that keyword, as well as whether or not the keyword is in your account, if you’re actively advertising.

2. Keyworddit- Keyworddit is a one-of-a-kind application that scrapes Reddit for term suggestions. It will mine the titles and comments of posts to find up to 500 keywords if you enter a subreddit. If you know nothing or very little about a niche, this tool is a great place to start.

3. WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool-

Enter a term or URL into WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool to get a list of relevant keyword recommendations, including related and long-tail variations, as well as search volume, competition, and CPC. You may also sort by geography (there are over 23 nations to choose from) or industry (by 24 different verticals). The programme will immediately return the top 25 keywords. Simply enter your email address to receive the complete list, which will be given to you for free.

Scroll down to obtain tips on employing high-volume keywords on the Popular Keywords page, and on the relevant vertical pages to gain tips on marketing in that field.

4. Soovle

Enter a phrase into the box on Soovle, and it will show you the most popular searches for that term on 16 various search engines, including Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay,,, Walmart, and more. You can tailor the tool to only show you the search engines you wish to see, drag phrases into a stored suggestions box, and click on any one query to be taken to the platform’s SERP.

While it doesn’t provide data on volume, competition, or cost, it’s useful for coming up with content ideas and, in certain situations, determining purpose.

5. Google Search Console

Google Search Console can be used for SEO in a variety of ways, including keyword research. In the left-hand pane, click “Search results” to see the top searches that are causing your site to show in the SERP, along with the number of clicks, impressions, click-through rate, and rank for each.

After that, you may filter by URL to discover how successful your keyword targeting is. Then you may use a keyword research tool to check if the additional searches should be included in your article. A person having a website can have access to Google Search Console for free.


To produce long-tail keyword ideas for any query, Keyword Tool employs Google autocomplete (which uses search behavior and data). This programmed displays you the hundreds of possibilities available, whereas Google autocomplete usually just gives you approximately five. It will add words and prepositions to the keyword and make suggestions for Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, Instagram and Twitter.

Keyword Tool’s free edition allows you to sort questions and prepositions, as well as filter the results to include or exclude specific words (a maximum of five exclusions). The commercial edition (beginning at $69/month) includes access to the entire list of suggestions, as well as data such as search volume, cost per click, competition, and trends, as well as competitive analysis tools.

7. The search terms report (Google & Bing)

The search terms report in Google Advertisements and Microsoft Ads show you the exact queries that caused your ads to appear and be clicked on. It can assist you in determining your top-performing keywords, as well as fresh keywords to add to your list and negative keywords. You can make detailed adjustments based on this data to optimize your CTR, Quality Scores, and ROI. For active Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising accounts, the search terms report is a free product.


With the help of free keyword tools, you can uncover some good keywords. However, doing so can take a long period. Furthermore, time is money. When you first start out, free keyword tools are OK, but as your site grows, you’ll need paid tools to keep up with the competition. So now you can easily choose which option is ideal for you based on your requirements.


Ques 1. What does a keyword research tool do?

Ans: A keyword research tool aids in the discovery of topic ideas that people are looking for on search engines like Google, Bing, and Amazon, among others.

Ques 2. Is Google’s keyword tool available for free?

Ans: Although Google Keyword Planner is designed for advertising, it offers significant SEO significance. To begin with, it’s completely free! This is an excellent place for you to start looking for keywords in order to grow your company.

Ques 3. What exactly is the AdWords keyword tool?

Ans: It’s a free tool that lets you find keywords related to your business and see how many monthly searches they get, as well as how much it costs to target them.

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