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What are Some Best Coffee Machine Under 50k | Digi Patrika

Coffee is the ultimate therapy for most of us, right? Coffee machines are available in a wide variety of options that can perform a number of tasks for you. You can either grab a manual machine and spend some time with it or get an automatic coffee machine with good speed and quality factors.  Coffee is a passion for millions out there and there is a flood of information available online which can confuse the buyers to a high extent.

So, here we are with the list of best coffee machines so that you can easily decide which one to buy and get your money worth it. It is a coffee machine review blog that will surely be advantageous for you. So give it a read and find the best coffee machine according to you.

Let’s get started to know about the 5 best coffee machines in India:

There are many coffee machine brands available in the market in every range one can easily afford.  It’s up to you which one you like the most as per your budget range or by your choice. Check out the list of the coffee machines below.

1. Morphy Richards New Europa Espresso:

Morphy Richards New Europa 800 watt espresso and cappuccino four Cup maker is an amazing coffee machine. The brewing feature is special to this gadget which can give your lazy mornings a great head start for the day. It has a very classy design and the machine has very good looks. The stainless steel body is very durable and reliable. It has both espresso and cappuccino variants so that you can have whatever type of coffee you like without any hassles. With the steam control knob, your coffee requires an exotic taste.

For perfect frothing, the turbo cappuccino nozzle is present. The coffee strength selector provides you with the perfect coffee, Just The way You like it. It is a very nice product which is really worth buying.

2. Nescafe E Smart Coffee Maker

This coffee maker machine is fully automatic by nature and its installation is of the counter type. Its water tank capacity is 0.21 liters and it consumes power of just 600 w. Also, it comes with a warranty period of 1 year in case of any problematic circumstances. Its tea and coffee maker features include heating and frothing with absolutely zero noise and it is also compatible with your dishwasher.

Its other body features include a Cup ka holder and many more. It is the best machine that can drastically change your mornings. It is one of the best coffee machines that you can get under 50000.

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3. Havells Donato Espresso

Havells Donato, coffee maker with very durable and reliable parts, and this machine will be an additional feature of your beautiful kitchen. It consumes power of just 800 w and has many awesome features like an anti-drip valve facility that facilitates easy cleaning methods. Its heating element is concealed which prevents calcification and also has improved heating standards. It also has a 1.25-liter tank of water. Basically, it is the best filter coffee machine you can grab.

4. Russell Hobbs I series RCM 2014

Russell Hobbs I series RCM 2014 900 w filter coffee is basically a coffee machine with the 1200 ml glass craft and most importantly, it is an anti-drip device with an overflow hole design. It is a lightweight portable machine that tends to occupy minimum space and with a removable and washable filter. With a lightweight, it is very easy to use and just a perfect coffee machine that can be carried anywhere as per convenience. It is one of the best coffee machine brands in India.

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5. Havells drip café N-6

Havells drip café n6 physics Cup capacity coffee machine with 600-watt power consumption. It comes with an attractive warranty period of up to 2 years. Prepared with durable and reliable parts, it can easily prepare superb coffee for you in less than 10 minutes. It is equipped with special features like a water tank which is translucent in appearance and has a number of smart indicators that indicate the water level of the tank. This machine is really worth buying and will easily cut the morning workload for you.

In The End…

The concluding statement for this article would be that it is a blog regarding the best coffee machines list. After reading the article you will have an idea about the Various features and advantages of many coffee machines mentioned above. We recommend you to must check the coffee machine review if you buy online to avoid any confusion or loss of money. Still, if you have any doubt left you can easily contact us and we will be back with another article and the answer to your question.


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