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Aashram Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Time and Plot

 Web series are something in India that is very loved by viewers. People often wait for sequels and upcoming seasons each year that too with full enthusiasm. The introduction of all these realistic events-based web series has brought a new concept to this film industry. The various options available make it very easy and alluring for the viewers to choose from a bunch of options provided. Recently we all heard of the all-new Aashram season 3 which is a crime-based web series and directed by Prakash Jha.

Aashram Season 1 and 2 of the Aashram web series were loved by the audience and the question was raised about Aashram season 3 release date and time. It was all due to the big hit of Aashram chapters 2 and 1 that people expected for yet another season that is the Aashram chapter 3. So the producers of the Aashram web series have said yes to the rumors and have confirmed that this year we will be watching another season that is the Aashram web series.

Know About Aashram Chapter 2 First:

The previous series that is Aashram chapter 2 won many awards one of which includes the “ITA Landmark Show”. Aashram season 1 was released on 28 of august. There were only nine episodes but the public enjoyed it a lot. The next sequel that is the Aashram chapter 2 or the Aashram season 2 was released on November 11. Season 2 also contained 9 episodes but the new concept another time made it very alluring for the viewers once again. The web series and particularly the Aashram season 2 got 7.4 ratings on IMDb.It also received 4.3 out of 5 ratings on google.

To be honest fans of the Aashram web series are awaiting any kind of spoiler and also for its release date. Now, everyone is eagerly waiting for the next season.  So, quickly move to the next topic to know detailed information about the cast, timing, release date, OTT platform, and much more about Aashram Season 3.

Aashram Season 3 Release Date and Time

Aashram’s season 3 release date was expected earlier only because both the Aashram season 1 and 2 have a very short span of difference between their releases. This short span made its fans and viewers assume that by early 2021 they might be able to watch yet another season that is the next sequel Aashram chapter 3. Earlier individuals believed that by January itself the season 3 will be released but then the covid-19 pandemic hit and the dates shifted month by month. The lockdown stopped and also hindered the shooting many times.

If we look into these covid-19 controversies then it’s crystal clear that presently the shooting isn’t possible at all. According to the sources, the shooting may resume by this September. The location decided is Jaipur. So by all these, we can conclude that if everything goes well and good then definitely we will witness Aashram chapter 3 by early 2022.

Prakash Jha the director of the web series said that the shooting has been stopped due to the covid issues and will soon resume once things go well. The early two chapters of the Aashram web series were shot in Ajodhya. Now as we have discussed the Aashram season 3 release date we will now move you provide you some insights about the Aashram web series cast Aashram 3 trailer. After discussing the trailer part we will move to the Aashram chapter 3 plot and then to the widely asked topic that is Aashram based on which baba.

So lets me know about all these one by one:

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All Detail About Aashram Web Series

Aashram web series is based on real-life based situations that often occur at various faith houses in India and even outside too. The web series revolves around a preacher who carries out malpractices in the name of faith and workshop. Soon this gets noticed by many people around and a police officer suspects about all these and then starts his investigation to find out about all these happening around.

Let’s now discuss the Aashram web series cast in detail:

Similar to the Aashram web series cast of seasons 1 and 2 the upcoming Aashram season 3 will also see the same cast. But yes this is also true that Prakash Jha has promised some major comebacks too from the prior seasons. As far as we all know the director is very true about his words. Recently we heard that Jannat 2 actress Esha Gupta has been included in the team to play the role of the baba’s that is bobby Deol’s publicist. Isha will be seen tackling with the media and press throughout Baba Nirala. Let us look upon some major and minor characters one by one:-

  1. Bobby deol- Monty or Baba nirala or Kashipur waale baba nirala
  2. Chandan Roy- Bhopa swami

III. Aaditi pohankar- Parminder aka pammi

  1. Tushar pandey- satti aka 
  2. Darshan Kumar-Si Ujagar

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Aashram Chapter 3 Plot

As per the plot of Aashram chapter 3 we will see the baba Nirala carrying his rude and ruthless efforts to gain more and more power. The Baba Nirala will be seen sheltering under the roofs of big politicians to cover his hide. He will be also seen preying on a humble and innocent woman. He is a canmon and will be seen hiding his true motives from the world. One of the cops named Ujagar Singh detects all these and decides to bring his true face in front of everyone.

He notices that he pretends to be someone else who he is not totally. Adding as a catalyst the skeletons adds more spices to the web series. Now the query and the suspense rely on the fact that will the cop reveal all these or not? You will get your answer after release of Aashram season 3.

Aashram Series based on which baba?

We have seen many such godmen in India whose story was similar to what is shown in this web series. One such was Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and it’s predicted that the story is based on his true life narratives for sure. Also due to all those scenes like music concerts and exposure to the rising and fall of baba its been predicted that his story is only shown in this Aashram chapter 3.

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Ques 1. When will Aashram season 3 released?
Ans. Is is assumed that Aashram season 3 will be released by the begining of 2022. It is delayed or shooting was stopped earlier due to covid issues.

Ques 2. Is Aashram based on true story?
Ans. Aashram story based on many real life cases. It is believed that web series is controversial Guru Asaram Bapu or Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

Ques 3. How many seasons are there of Aashram?
Ans. Till now there are only 2 seasons of Aashram.

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