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7 Ways to Differentiate Between Specs and Glass

Glass and Specs are a part of our daily life nowadays. Due to unhealthy food, unhealthy lifestyle many children’s are facing eyesight issues which force them to wear specs while if we talk about glass or sunglasses then it is used to follow the trend and fashion. But the fun part is many people call specs as glass as they don’t know how to differentiate between specs and glass. So, today we are going to tell you what is the major difference between glass.

How to differentiate between specs and glass?

Key Difference: Spectacles or Specs are the pair of lenses people use in case of eyesight issues or defective vision. While sunglasses are used for protection of the eyes from harmful rays of sun. Goggles are very close fitting eyeglasses that come in many shades and styles.

Both tend to be valuable and important appliances. Most of us might use any of them. Still sometimes it becomes difficult to bring out the differences between them. Both are almost the same in style as spectacles also come in many styles and frames.

Let’s Understand in Detail:-

Sunglass: Almost everyone is using sunglass nowadays, and it’s preferred by everyone to get protection from harmful UV rays. Goggles or sunglass have become very popular due to their designs and versatile style. There are many brands in the market, many colors, designs and everything is available easily. These sunglasses were used to enhance class status  apart from an eye protection gadget. UV rays emitted by the sun are very harmful and can cause serious issues for our eyes. Sunglasses have many features that protect them from harmful rays, so we can call it a fashion symbol, trend or eye protector as well. There are many brands that offer quality material sunglasses or goggles at different prices and in various designs.

They make good quality glass and test each parameter to provide the best to their customers. Temperature is very high outside around 40 to 45 degree celsius so one can imagine the temperature and sun rays. These glass blocked the intense sunlight as much as possible or we can say around 95%.

Spectacles- Nowadays we can see small childrens are using spectacles. Specs are used by those who face little or high blurry vision. Also, many people use it because of the extra usage of computers and mobiles. Because blue light emitted from computer or mobile screens is very harmful for the eyes. Specs are not a sign or trend or fashion but unhealthy lifestyles affecting the vision of many youngsters. If we talk about the style and features of specs then YES now many styles and designs are available in the market for specs also. Eye Cat, Regular, Ovel shape, round shape, rimless, frameless, thick frame and so on. There are endless options are available.

The time gone when people avoid to wear specs because of the thick frames, old designs. Nowadays, people look cool even in specs. So, this is the major difference abd this is how we can differentiate between Spec and Goggles.

Types of lenses use in Spectacles:

  • Convex lens: Used for long eyesight correction problem.
  • Concave lenses: used for short eyesight correction problem.
  • Cylindrical lenses: used for the correction of astigmatism caused due to imperfection in the curvature of cornea.

7 Major Ways To Differentiate Between Specs and Glass:



Uses Used to protect from sun or for fashion Used for blurry or defective vision
Definition Eye wear for protection from harmful rays Eye wear to safe the eyes and for correction of vision
Lens Uses Glass, Acrylic Plastic, glass, trivex etc.
Other Names Shades, sun spectacles etc. Reading glass or spectacles
Name In old times both were considered the same but these are now popular and different. In old time also people call is specs and meaning of glass and specs are smae,
Major Protection UV Rays Blue Lights
Lens Type Prescription or non-prescription lenses Concave, Convex, Cylindrical



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