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4Movierulz – Free Website To Watch Movies For Free | 4movierulz 2022 – Download Free Movies

Watching movies has been the favorite pastime option for decades. With the availability of free movie sites like 4Movierulz you can download any movie for free and can enjoy. With the advent of the pandemic, it has risen to hype more than ever. And basic television is out of the scene. This is so because of a variety of reasons and advantages online platforms have over it. But the one disadvantage these platforms bring along is the cost. But our virtual friends have saved us from that trouble too, and presented us with free online movie platforms to satisfy our cravings. One of the most renowned of these platforms is MOVIERULZ. In this blog, we will discuss about the website 4Movierulz website or, how to download movie from 4movierulz and what kind of movies available?

What is 4Movierulz or 3movierulz website?

4MOVIERULZ or simply  is an online torrent movie site, that allows users to watch movies online free of cost. Movies of almost all genres, ranging from hindi Bollywood movies to telugu Tollywood as well as English Hollywood movies, are leaked and available for online viewing on the site. 

Being a torrent site, it is also illegal in many countries. We advise readers to access the site only on their personal discretion, as for users from countries it is illegal in, legal action may be taken against them.  

Why 4movierulz is in trend or reason of hype?

Of the hundreds and thousands of online torrent sites available to watch movies, 4 movie rulz has risen to the top. This hype and love of the users is due to many of the features of the site including- 

  1. Movies on 4movierulz has very high pixel quality, making it an amazing movie experience
  2. It is a free site which is accessible to everyone
  3. It has a very user friendly interface
  4. It has both movies and web series
  5. Movies and web series are available in a wide variety of languages

What kind of movie categories available?

As an extremely accessible platform,4 Movierulz website 2022 provides movie and series service that could be loved by a wide range of audience. Its content bucket, or the categories, on the site includes- 

  1. Featured Movies
  2. Bollywood Movies
  3. Telugu HD Movies
  4. Tamil Movies
  5. Malayalam Hd Movies
  6. Hollywood Movies
  7. Bengali Movies HD
  8. Punjabi Movies
  9. Hindi Dubbed Movies
  10. Tamil Dubbed Movies
  11. Telugu Dubbed Movies
  12. Hollywood Dubbed Movies

Type of content available – Genres

Except the geographically diversity of the audience, movierulz also caters to the choice diversity of its audience with content from a lot of genres. Some of the most loved genres include – 

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Biography
  • Documentary
  • Family
  • History
  • Music
  • Mystery
  • Sci-Fi
  • Sport
  • War
  • Western

How to download movies from 4Movierulz?

4Movierulz has a very user friendly interface, which makes downloading movies from a site a piece of cake. There are two modes of accessing the movies, via the app or via website.

4Movierulz application on personal computer

The movierulz application can be downloaded on the users’ personal computers to access and watch movies in ease. for ease and safety, we suggest downloading the APK version of 4 MOVIERULZ by blue stack software, and following are the steps for same and further – 

  1. Download the bluestacks file of the application that is compatible with your computer software
  2. Once downloaded, install this file on your personal computer
  3. Now tap on the bluestacks icon twice to access the file
  4. Fill in your google credentials, the name and password, in case required
  5. Now in the “my apps” list on the left side of the screen, choose “MOVIERULZ”
  6. Tap on it and choose the install option to install it on your personal computer
  7. Depending on your internet bandwidth, the application will be available on your personal computer

Once downloaded, now you can access all the available movies, every genre and category, directly via the app. The application has a very user friendly interface, with word and well as category search bars, making finding your favorite movie or show an easy task.

Movies download from 4movierulz website:

CAUTION – readers must note that 4movierulz or website is an illegal site in India. Legal action can be taken against people trying to access the site. We in no way promote the use of the site. Moreover, we compel our readers to choose legal non pirated options of watching movies, rather than illegal online sites.

However, if a user wants to still access the site under their own discretion, they must follow the given steps – 

  1. Anyone trying to access movie rulz in india will have to download VPN on their device in order to bypass the restrictions set on the site in the country
  2. Once the VPN application is downloaded, the user must set the location of a country where MOvierulz is not blocked. 
  3. For the same they must change their IP address. 
  4. Once all the above steps are done, one must search 4Movierulz on the browser
  5. Now various webpages of similar names will appear on the search list
  6. Choose the most authentic one
  7. On clicking on the site address, you will reach its home page
  8. Here in the search bar, type the name of the movie or series you are looking for
  9. Enter “search”
  10. Now of the given list, choose your movie or series of preference
  11. Now you will get two options, either “watch now” or “download”
  12. Click on the option of your preference, and there you go!

Pros and Cons to use Movierulz Website?


  • Movies in multiple languages available at one stop
  • Provides a wide variety of genres to suit all choices
  • Great picture quality of movies and series
  • Very user friendly site interface


  •  It is pirated website
  • It tampers with the real producers’ income sources
  • Using the website can harm your personal device
  • It can steal or delete your personal data
  • It has lots of online ads and pop-ups
  • It changes its domain name very frequently, making it hard to access at times
  • It is illegal to use in many countries and if found in use, legal action can be taken against the user

Alternative website related to 4Movierulz

Though movierulz is among the best pirated torrent sites to watch movies online free of cost, many other sites provide very similar features. Following is a list of alternative options you can use instead of 4Movierulz – 

Legal Movie Streaming Sites

Many legal sites also provide online streaming services. Though they might charge some cost, but these sites are safe to use, both in terms of safety of your personal electronic device as well as your legal safety. Here is a list of such sites – 

  • Netflix
  • PopCornFlix
  • Sony Crunch
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hotstar
  • Mx Player
  • and Cable TV Network (Set-Top Box)

Other alternatives of 4movierulz

Following the pathways of Movierulz, we have many other online video streaming platforms that are also illegal and provide video streaming free of cost. It must be noted that some or all of these might be illegal in your country and user discretion is advised while selecting any of these platforms – 


We finally conclude that no matter the user friendly interface, or free cost, or the variety of movies and series Movierulz or other torrential sites of the sort offer, we advise our readers to prefer legal sites of video streaming over these pirated ones. Legal sites confirm safety of user and user’s device, that torrential sites don’t offer. Also it is not ethically moral to use such sites as it tampers the earning capacity of the people who put real effort in the site.


Ques 1. Is movierulz is illegal in India?

Ans. Yes, movierulz is a pirated site which is illegal in india. Legal action can be taken against users of the site in the country.

Ques 2. Can we watch movies online on Movierulz?

Ans. You can watch movie online and also can download from this website without any signup or login.

Ques 3. Is it safe to use 4movierulz ?

Ans. No, as mentioned it is a pirated website so you should be very careful while surfing movies from this website. And it is recommended to use VPN while using 4movierulz.

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